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How To Make Kids Sleep

Updated on October 22, 2011

The most important aspect for a kid’s development is his sleep. If the kid does not take sufficient sleep then he is unable to carry out all day activities.

Most of the kids argue “I don’t want to sleep” when they are made to sleep. This protest is for their bed time routine which starts from brushing teeth. The bed time routine is very important for a child and not only the bed time but the winding down activities also. Despite of being important, these are very decisive too.

Some kids start walking in the night while they are in sleep. For it’s very common for children to walk in night because of disturbance in sleep.

As you cannot exactly put your child to sleep, some important steps must be taken in this regard. There are number of strategies that can help you to make your child sleep.

Create A Familiar Routine

To make a child sleep properly you have to create a bed time routine from the very early age. It helps the child in going on bed at time and has a sound sleep

Provide A Soft Furniture

The child sleeps well if he has a soft and comfortable bed which doesn’t disrupt in his sleep. Make him sleep tight and if he is used to kick off the cover, make him sleep in a sleeping bag which can be zipped, to provide him warmth.

Play Some Night Music

Getting up in the middle of the night disruptive for children and make them stressed. For this put some light, soothing music which can calm your child. When you leave the room, keep the lights low and use a soft voice but don’t encourage play.

Adjust Your Clock

Estimate how much sleep your child needs and then set the clock according to the need of your child. Mostly people suffer because they have had more than the sleep they needed. A child must have a sound sleep of at least 7-8 hours. It can make them work actively for the whole day.

Don’t Let Your Child Get Excited Before The Bed Time

Do not let your child get over excited just before he is going to sleep because his excitement may lead to keep him awake for the whole night.

Provide Them With Light Snacks

Let your child have some snacks before bed time but remember the snacks should be light and must fulfill he needs of the child’s body at night. Some digestive biscuits along with warm milk serve like sleeping pills to the children and put them to sleep easily.

Avoid Sugary And Caffeine Food Items

Avoid giving food items to the child, which contains sugar and caffeine in them, before the bed time. These energize the children.

Let them make their bed the way they feel comfortable.
Let them make their bed the way they feel comfortable.

Let The Child Arrange His Room

Mostly all day the children are told what to do and what not to do by the parents. So for a change let them make changes in their room on their own. This will make them feel independent and explore different things their parents don’t know.

Don’t Let The Child Get Frightened

Avoid putting such stuff in a child’s room that may make him frightened and feel insecure in going to bed. Always leave soft and safe toys in the child’s bed for company.

Define A Quiet Activity

Let the child adopt the habit of reading before going to sleep. It will not only increase their knowledge but also help them to have a sound sleep.

Help Them To Get Them Settled

Allow them to settle in their room and don’t go into the room immediately if they are making fuss in there. Be firm and take him back to bed if the child is getting up.

Avoid Letting Get Up Earlier

Let the child sleep in the morning also by putting thick blinds or curtains on the windows so that the morning light could not disturb him. Don’t worry if he is a natural early riser.

Give Your Child A Bath

Make your child have a bath before he goes to bed as beginning to the bed time routine. This habit could help him through his teenage also. 


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      hassam 7 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks for reading! :)

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      Sunshyne1975 7 years ago from California, US

      I love this hub. Thanks so much for sharing