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Kids Sleeping Problems

Updated on October 22, 2011

Sleep is very important for children to function properly during the day time in preschool, daycare, kindergarten or wherever they go in the day. Even for stay-at-home kids, it is very significant for them to get all of their suggested hours of shut-eye. Although sleep is very important for children, they may not be receiving enough of it.

If you think your kid is not getting enough sleep, pay attention to the clues and signs. Your child may be very touchy during the day and not eager to listen. Appetites may alter and they may complain about some bodily issues like tummy aches and headaches.

Take a glance at what they are doing at night. If they go to bed late at night, it may affect how much sleep they primarily get. One more thing to look for is how your kids are sleeping when they do fall sound asleep. A lot of turning and turning may indicate a sleeping problem.

Sleeping Disorders In Kids

A latest study has shown that today's kid suffer from insomnia and many other sleeping disorders to a large extent. Sleeping disorders in kids have become something very common and 3 out of 10 children suffer from sleeping problems like sleep apnea and insomnia. Therefore, the quality of a sleep of a kid has become a very normal concern for many parents.

Examples Of Sleeping Disorders In Kids

Many kids have sleep problems. Examples contain: talking during the sleep time, waking up weeping, frequent wake up during the night, difficulty in falling sound asleep, feeling sleepy or drowsiness during the day time, having nightmares; or bedwetting, teeth clenching and grinding and waking early on.

Following could be some of the reasons of your child's restless sleep:

Unbalanced Diet And Hunger

Some parents tend to over-feed their kids and it becomes a routine for their babies to wake up yet in the wee hours only to feed. If you are scared to give huge amounts of baby milk or food to your baby, you must ask the pediatrician regarding this so that your kid and you can have longer, sounder sleep at night.

Nightmares Or Bad Dreams

Some kids will wake up with nightmares or bad dreams, night terrors or yet shivery monsters in the closet or below the bed. Avoid these conditions by plugging away in a night light, having the door of their room open or hence using a kid monitor so they can call you simply with no trouble if they need to. Particular sleeping buddies likewise some special or soft blankets and stuffed animal can aid calm that anxious baby who may be anxious about odd noises or shadows in their room.


Kids may suffer from sleeping disorders or problems dues to many factors. Bedwetting might be one reason for the sleeping disorder, as a wet bed is not comfortable for sleep. Other reasons let in going very late to bed, drinking drinks containing caffeine such as coffee, tea and different cold drinks from a very younger age, nightmares due to watching many horror movies on television.


One more common sleep problem in children is insomnia. Commonly, parents will grumble that their kid is not sleeping well during the night. This disorder itself is not a characteristic diagnosis in kids. Few common examples of crusades of insomnia are social stress such as family disputes, environmental factors, obtrusive sleep apnea, and some movement disorders.

The main points are for parents or caregivers first to identify the symptoms and signs, and then to find out the medical help of this disorder from a specialist. Without taking medical attention, some sleep disorders can carry on for many years, being unidentified and untreated, finally resulting in more stern problems in adulthood.

Preventing The Problem Of Kids Sleeping

Quality Time Before Bed

Spending time with your kid before bed will aid prevent him from putting on a performance only to get more of your attention!

Keep Bedtime Constant

To find out how much sleep your kid may require by taking note of how he acts when he has had his daytime nap and when he has not, and when he has gone to bed at nine or ten o'clock as compared to seven o'clock.

Make a regular and proper sleep timetable that suits your kid’s requirements, this pattern is likely to alter, as he grew up.

Solving A Baby Sleep Problem


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    • profile image

      Renee Pendergrass 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing... children can not function well in school if sleep deprived. Some parents are not even aware of sleep problems in their children.

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      terrific hub

    • LaMamaLoli profile image

      LaMamaLoli 7 years ago from London

      Very interesting hub. A lot of people under rate the power of sleep - especially for children.