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4Moms Cleanwater Infant Tub

Updated on July 27, 2012
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4moms Cleanwater Infant Tub

Check out the 4moms Cleanwater Collection!

Another great baby product brought to you by 4moms! Why couldn't someone have invented these when my kids were young?! Guess I'll get to use them when I have grandkids. So, the picture on your right shows the Cleanwater Collection.

What is the Cleanwater Collection?

The Cleanwater Collection is an infant tub that grows with your child. That's right. You can use it from birth to 7+. When you buy this, you should be covered with everything you will need for bath time.

The 4Moms Cleanwater collection has four components:

  1. It has a digital spout cover that you connect to the faucet. It has a digital thermometer that displays the temperature of the water!
  2. It brings the tub that is divided into two compartments. One compartment is for the child, the other is a smaller receptacle that fills up with clean water. It has a small drain so that the dirty water spills out.
  3. It brings a cup that you will use to scoop up the clean water from one side to rinse off your baby!
  4. It includes a large cushion that you use to lay your baby in the tub.

These tubs are unbelievable. Scroll down and watch the video to see in action. You'll be amazed. It's such a common sense concept, but no one's ever thought of it til now!

Where can I buy a Cleanwater infant tub?

Looking to buy one of these awesome infant tubs? These tubs are not available in your neighborhood department store. However, you're in luck. Click on the link above and you can order yours today. Free shipping may be available. Oh, If you loved this product, you will love the Origami stroller. Check it out now!

Hope you enjoyed discovering this new product as much as I did! Be sure to share this with friends and family by email, twitter, facebook, pinterest or your favorite social media site. Thanks in advance!

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