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Best Baby Bottle: Traditional vs Playtex Drop-Ins

Updated on April 26, 2012
Playtex Drop-ins Nurser Gift Set
Playtex Drop-ins Nurser Gift Set

A Mother to 7 Kids Discusses Baby Bottles

The kind of baby bottle you decide to use is an important matter.  We all know breastfeeding is the healthiest way you can feed your baby.  Hey, I breastfed all of my biological children, but eventually you need or want to go back to work. Even if you continue to pump for breast miilk, your baby will need a baby bottle to drink it.

With my first three children, I used traditional baby bottles.  I had to go back to work two months after I gave birth to my first son,  I don't think I need to tell you that being a working mom is tough.  If you don't have a great support system, you will be tired much of the time.  (Which was my situation.  What was I thinking?).  Traditional baby bottles added to my list of chores.  They have to be consistently sterilized.  They also allow babies to swallow more air during feeding.  That means it takes longer to burp them.  In some cases, the gas may cause them to cry.  Like most women that become mothers, I did what my mom did.  She used traditional baby bottles and so did I.  However, something happened that changed my behavior.

When my 4th child came along, he had several episodes where he turned blue after a feeding.  I was using regular baby bottles at the time.  I was very scared.  The doctor ordered many tests inluding a bariatric test to see if his esophagus and epiglottis were functioning correctly.  The doctor thought it was some kind of reflux.  Right after that exam, someone told me they had a similar experience with their child.  Someone suggested they switch to Playtex drop ins because they cause less gas.  I listened to their story and decided to give it a try.  I found a trial pack that contained several 4 oz and 8 oz bottles with drop-ins for both sizes.  I saw a difference right from the first feeding.  I never had another problem with my son's feedings.  I also never used traditional bottles again!

Playtex Drop-ins: What kind of bottles are they and how do you use them?

In my opinion, Playtex drop-ins are the best kind of baby bottle you can use.  They are simple to use and require less maintenance.

  • They don't require you to sterilize them. 
  • The bottle uses sterilized bags for each feeding.  When you are going to feed your baby, you drop a sterilized bag into the bottle.  It fits snug around the bottle to prevent spills. 
  •  You then tighten the ring with the nipple and you press the bag into the bottle to squueze out all the air.  That's why your baby will ingest less air.  The only thing easier than that is breastfeeding, which I totally recommend if possible.

Seriously, I can't say enough about these bottles.  If you went though what I experiened, you would feel the same way.  If you're reading this and you're having problems with a colic baby, you should give Playtex drop-in bottles a try.  It may be the relief you and your child need. 

A Few Benefits of Playtex Drop-ins

Playtex Drop-ins Are PBA Free

A recent reports found that the chemical BPA (bisphenol A) found in plastic baby bottles can cause behavorial changes in children as well as early onset of puberty in girls.  Playtex Drop-ins are BPA free. 

The Bottle's Nipples

I found that it was easier to switch my children from breastfeeding to the Playtex bottles because the nipples have a wider surface resembling a breast.  This helps make the transition easier,  The nipples are available in latex or silicone.



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    • supermom_in_ny profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from NY


      Thanks for particpating in the conversation!

      I never really gave it much thought until I had the problems with my son. After using the playtex bottles, I never went back. My other children also used them, after I ceased breastfeeding.

    • shareitt profile image


      8 years ago

      Boy I never knew this topic was such a discussed one until I showed this to a friend...who knew...Mom's I guess. Thanks for the info. :p


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