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Where to Buy an Origami Stroller

Updated on July 18, 2012

Help! I Can't Find a 4Moms Origami Stroller in a Store?

As a mom to 7 kids, I have had every kind of stroller available. Years come and go, but strollers stay pretty much the same. I have owned travel systems, double strollers, a 7 in 1 stroller with a pram and more. Some of them were cumbersome. Some were light, but flimsy. I went to the hospital one time, when I got my finger caught in the closing mechanism. I thought it was broken. When it comes to strollers, I've been there, done that and got the tshirt! That is until now!

This is the best invention in strollers I have ever seen. This stroller does everything, but cook for you! Don't believe me?

Let me share something with you. I'm from the Bronx. One of the things that used to really bug me is when a woman was struggling to close her stroller while carrying her kid and people would push by her without helping. Worst of all, most bus drivers would just close their doors in her face and drive off.

What is the 4Moms origami stroller?

The scenario above would never happen with the origami stroller. Why? The origami stroller is a power folding stroller! It gets better. It charges itself while you are walking!

Not Geroge Jetson enough for you?

Origami Stroller Features

  • It can charge your iphone!
  • Contains an LCD screen that displays the weather, your walking speed, the weight of the child and an more!
  • It has pathway lights and headlights.
  • It has plenty of storage.
  • It has dual cup holders.
  • Did I mention it folds itself and charges while you walk?

Origami Stroller Weight

The weight capacity for an infant is up to 27lbs.

The weight capacity for a toddler is up to 32lbs, maximum 40 lbs.

I'm so excited about this stroller, I told my kids I would have another baby just to get one. (Since they aren't going to make me a grandmother anytime soon. LOL!)

4Moms thought of everything! They even have a car seat adaptor (sold separately) because who wants to wake up their child when taking them out of the car and into the stroller!

Not impressed? Fine. Go watch the video I have posted on the bottom of the page. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Did you watch it? Oooh, now you see what I mean?!

Where can you buy an origami stroller?

Good question! Well, this stroller is not available at stores like WalMart or JCPenney. However, you are in luck. Just follow the Amazon or ebay link below. They come in six colors: black, blue, silver, green, pink and red.

Origami Stroller Price

The cost of an origami stroller through the main site is $849.99. However, you can find origami strollers between $500 and $800 right here! Check out the ebay and amazon modules below for more info. Looking for more 4moms products? Check out the Cleanwater Infant Tub!

Now, enjoy your little bundle of joy because they grow up really fast. Seriously, they really do. Take lots of pictures, make lots of memories and enjoy every minute!

Found this stroller as awesome as I did? Please, share it with family and friends by email, facebook, pinterest, twitter or your favorite social media site. Thanks!

Origami Stroller Youtube Video

What did you think of the 4Moms Origami Stroller?

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    • supermom_in_ny profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from NY

      @RTalloni OMG! That's exactly how I feel. When I was young and watched the Jetsons, I never thought I would see all that technology become part of our everyday lives. Hilarious!

      Thanks for participating! ;)

    • RTalloni profile image


      6 years ago from the short journey

      Now how cool is this?! I may have to have one just because. I could borrow a baby from someone and have fun showing if off. Which you ask? Guess! ;) Watching this origami stroller do its thing would make people stop and offer to help. How nice to be able to say, "No thank you, origami has it covered." Such times we live in!


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