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Double Prams

Updated on March 14, 2010

Double prams are twin babies’ best friend! They come in a variety of styles and designs, and we’re going to explore the basics here in this article. In case any American readers have stumbled on this article, prams are a British word for strollers. That should settle that! Now, let’s get on with it.

A typical basic decision you are going to want to make is if you want your babies to be side by side in their double pram or if you want one in front of the other. I suppose if there is a large penchant for fighting you might want them one in the front and one in the back. That only seems natural. But if they get along well (and they need not be twins, of course) then you can seat them side by side in a double pram stroller. That way when you go for a walk, they can chat and play and observe as a group of two! This will probably work to build their social skills over the long run, but who really knows. In the short term, babies often tend to get a kick out of other babies, even when they are being pushed along on a pram. I personally like the Mountain Buggy double pram which comes in a wide range of fun colors.

Some double prams that are out there on the market today can run all the way up to about $600! This seems quite costly to me. I suppose if money is no object to your family then sure why not invest in a hyper-technical pram to stroll your kids around in, downtown fashionably. My Lord, they’re probably even making “green” strollers nowadays; whatever those might be.

But if you want to go jogging with your toddlers in tow in their double pram then you have to consider spending a little more to get the right gear. Traditional prams are just not really made for hitting bumps at high speeds and enduring all of that. You are going to want to get a higher end piece of equipment.

Beyond that a baby double pram stroller will enable you to transport two kids at once. When each parent has one pram it can become a bit of a problem. There is never any off-time for either of the two of you. You are both always “working”. This sort of defeats the purpose of going for a stroll. (Maybe not for the babies, but for the adults who need some time to relax, too.) By thinking a bit ahead and investing in double prams, you and your spouse will find it easier to get the kids out for a walk. It will be less intimidating because there is always the prospect of being able to pass off the pushing to the other one. Then you can walk freely while your spouse dutifully fulfills his or her parental duties. This is quite simply a much better way to split the work of the walk between the two of you.

As a final word of warning I would just say to make sure that the double prams you’re considering have safety straps and all that jazz. Give them the old intuitive test of safety and stability and see how you feel about it; this should lead you in the right direction. It is always of utmost importance to keep your babes free from injury. So you scout around and see what looks solid and what doesn’t. There definitely is a bit of a range available, so you will have to slice it up somewhere and say this is the place where price meets function appropriately. In the end, only you can be the judge of that.


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