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How to Build Exceptional Relationship With your Children ?...."2/7 Plan"

Updated on November 28, 2011

Parent best success

Bonding to your children and have this special connection with them are the best success parent can achieve in the raising journey of a child.

it is truly challenging to find the right way to communicate with your child plus your family's daily schedule not helping either.

and if you stepped back and left the cycle goes on without paying attention to them, will make you feel that you’re having poor connection , as well as missing a lot in your children’s life.

it is an essential matter were you have to place it on the top of your list , creating a strong connection with your child, benefits in numerous ways;

It will improve your child progress,

Increase the intimacy,

Strength the family link,

Provide a healthier environment,,

Create a exceptional relationship between children and parents.

2/7 Plan

All you have to do, as simple as arranging assignments for the whole family for just 2 hours per day,

adding some organization and creativity to the “2/7” plan” will certainly help you reach better connection with your children.

You can start by making sure that the family have 2 free hours daily after that you can add one activity on each day,

making a schedule or a chart and put on your fridge or some were that will be seen , will help to keep up with your plan, how ever I’ve added few examples later for the activities which will help out when you will start your own 2/7 plan .

Monday (Cooking day)

Cooking day actually can be fun activity for the family, it create a positive environment for eating, you can make the whole family help in preparing a good meal , give every one something to do.

For example children can wash vegetables, dad make the salad, mum cook the meal and little daughter set the table.

As well by telling them stories about their food, you can make the food be a learning material to your children and help them learn new things.

Wednesday (Cleaning day)

Arrange different and reasonable tasks to your children , like watering the planets, clean the floor wash the dishes,

make a supervisor every cleaning day to assess whom had done a good job, were the winner will be the next cleaning day supervisor.

Saturday (Reading day)

Choose a book were the whole family can read , even if it's a children book, later on reading day when the family will discuss and share their reviews of the book, will help them to express and share more of them selves.

Thursday (Games day)

You can vote or choose a game for the family to play on games day ,dividing in to teams will be better for letting the winner team to choose the next week game.

That will help to enhance the team work and competition spirit for the children.

Tuesday (Teaching day)

Every member of the family should teach something new to the other member and make sure that he learned it well.

It will increase his focusing, organization and demonstrating abilities, plus he will learn a new thing when his turn will come up.

Sunday (Relative’s stopover day)

Arranging a visit to a close relative like grand parents or your sister and creating a fun mood for the visit, will assist your child to appreciate and comprehend more of the family values.

Friday (Rewards day)

This will be the ceremony day for your family were every effort is appreciated here , the family will say who was the best for each day,

for instance, best family helper , best cleaner, teacher, etc…and you can make it more than a cheering for the winner,

you can encourage them even more by letting your child to give a speech and make trophy to give them later.

anything you can think of and suits your children will be fine, the main aim is to keep their positive attitude towards family.

You can make the difference

The future of your child lay in your hand, each family have different conditions which can apply few margins for parents, on the other hand that shouldn’t make you pay less attention towards your children, any effort you do during their childhood, will help in their improvement and progress in life later on.

The 2/7 Plan is not only improving the family bond but also it help your children to understand the meaning of team work and work accomplishment, learning new things each day and increase the communication between family members.

It’s not necessarily to apply it literally. you can adjust it or do your own plan, puting in your mind that the most significant matter is to come up with a way, to have your exceptional relationship with your children.


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    • sam-eg profile image

      sam-eg 6 years ago from Happy Land

      Hi Lolou2 thx for dropping by and your nice comment, I'm glad you liked my hub

    • loulou2 profile image

      loulou2 6 years ago

      thks for this

    • sam-eg profile image

      sam-eg 6 years ago from Happy Land

      Hi Maylee, thx for passing by and leaving this nice comment, I do appreciate having a time to read my hub that' was very thougtful of you

    • profile image

      maylee30 6 years ago

      some great ideas!

    • cheatlierepeat profile image

      cheatlierepeat 6 years ago from Canada

      Great reminder to cherish our gifts, they grow up so fast. My son is such a Mom's boy but not in a bad way. We are just really close and I know he feels secure and loved unconditionally. It's often our time that they crave so much, this was awesome. Voted Up!

    • sam-eg profile image

      sam-eg 6 years ago from Happy Land

      HI, thx for your lovely comment , I know how amazing it is to become a parent and even better for you ...grand children as well :) , may God bless them for you and I'm sure you did a wonderful job , and hope Your children do the same as well

    • gridirongranny profile image

      gridirongranny 6 years ago from Southern California

      We raised 4 kids and, even though everything we did was for them, I feel like there still wasn't enough of a connection. We are blessed to have a great relationship with all 4 of them as adults, two of them parents themselves (I highly recommend grandchildren) but relationships must be worked at and maintained and nurtured, no matter how old your kids are.

      These are excellent ideas and a great plan. I hope parents with young children will read this and take it to heart. Thanks Sam.

    • sam-eg profile image

      sam-eg 6 years ago from Happy Land

      Hi again sweet Realhousewife, thx for you lovely comment, I know it's really hard to find time to do eveything , how ever we all just trying to do our best and I'm sure you are doing a terrific job with your kids,also giving them more time is even better , it will be in the best interest for you both :)

    • RealHousewife profile image

      Kelly Umphenour 6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Up and awesome! Such a great idea and well planned out. I really do feel like I should set aside more time with my kids. Thanks so much for sharing this - it is very nice!