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Newborn Baby Gift Baskets

Updated on March 22, 2012

A little baby is on the way or just arrived in the world and you want to welcome him or her. What can be a better way than newborn baby gift baskets.

These can be an assortment of items that can be handy for new parents and the baby or can be something to just celebrate the occasion.

Selecting Gifts Based on Gender

When one begins to think about a baby gift the first thing that comes to mind is the gender of the baby.

It goes without saying that baby gifts for boys are blue and baby gifts for girls are in pink.

However if the baby is yet to be born when you are planning a gift and the gender is not known then you can opt for things in gender neutral colors like yellow, green, white, purple and so on.

On the other hand if the lucky parents have been blessed with twins one can go for twin sets.

Baby gift sets look so pretty and if they are cutely packaged with ribbons and colorful balloons they look even more beautiful.

Baby Necessities

It is a common practice to fill in a new baby basket with things of daily use for the baby such as:

  • diapers,
  • towels,
  • baby wipes,
  • baby bath products,
  • bibs,
  • baby feeding set

Baby bath products consisting of baby soap and baby shampoo are specially meant for the delicate skin of the baby and are needed on a regular basis.

This is of tremendous help to new parents.

If you can extend your budget a bit then baby crib bedding sets make an ideal gift.

Baby blankets and nap sacks are also popular choices for baby shower gift baskets.

This is one thing that needs to be washed and changed frequently and would therefore be much appreciated.

Filling a basket with toys

If you don't want to give such prosaic gifts then you can put in baby toys like:

  • teddy bear,
  • rubber ducky toy
  • robes for baths,
  • chewy toys or rattles in the newborn baby gift baskets.

Vibrant colors can be chosen as babies are attracted to bright colors.

Yet another useful item would be storage bins and nursery baskets.

The list goes on as there are so many things that are needed for the new baby.

There are different types of baby foods on the market which are preferred by many people.

Organic foods are safe and nutritious for babies as they are devoid of preservatives.

Some people prefer giving pretty infant clothes, others decide on baby bottles and sippy cups while still others pick lullaby CD's.

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Be creative with the baby gift basket

If such common gifts do not appeal to you and you are looking for unique baby gifts then take time to search online as you can come across an array of newborn baby gift baskets that are tailor made to the occasion.

With such a wide selection in front of you, you are bound to find something that is just what you were looking for.

Baby gifts are available in attractive packaging and can be personalized on the request of the buyer.

A new baby basket is indispensable for transforming the birth of a baby literally into a shower of love for the parents and the babies whether they are born or unborn.


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    • CZCZCZ profile image

      CZCZCZ 5 years ago from Oregon

      These newborn baskets with teddy bears and other great baby gifts, make the shopping process so much easier, it is always a challenge to find the right gift for a newborn and the basket open is perfect.