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What To Know Before Deciding About Child Adoption

Updated on February 3, 2013

This hub is specially dedicated to dingdong for the question "What to know before deciding about adopting?" I have no experience in parenting yet but I have read a lot (and also see a lot) in how to run a family. This hub is mainly on my personal experience as a child of my beloved parents and also my point of view of things to consider before an adoption.

What are there to know before deciding about adopting? Actually, there are 1,001 factors that one would need to consider before adopting a child. However, I have divided them into 8 different sections which I consider the most important things to consider before having an adopted child.

Are you ready for adoption?
Are you ready for adoption?

Must Know Facts About Adopting


Parenting or parenthood is the most important thing in adopting or having children. You got to learn about being a parent and the responsibilities behind it. As a parent, if you are adopting children, then you got to learn about the basic needs of a baby such as care, feeding and even basic developments of the babies and phrases.


As a parent, you will hold great responsibility towards your child. You must be ready to think for them and guide them in terms of education, life and everything in between to ensure they are ready for the world. It is a full time job but if you are ready to accept the responsibility, then you are likely to be ready for having a child.

Treat your children equally even if they are adopted
Treat your children equally even if they are adopted

Adoption fact: Pressure is one of the factor you must consider as it will affect both you and the child.

Besides That...


Another great thing to prepare for is pressure from family and friends. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions from them. It is a human nature to be curious. Therefore do not have any grudge at them. You and your partner need to be at least a little prepared for them. A few questions that will be constantly asked by others are:

  • How much did you pay for your baby?
  • Do you know your child's 'real' family?
  • How could the birth mother 'give away' such an adorable baby?

When you are asked a question that are too personal or improper, feel free not to answer it especially if that could compromise your child, the birth mother or even your own privacy. It is your right to protect the child and your family regardless what the question is.

Financial prospect

Are you financially stable for a new member in the family? Baby or young children are a long term investments and if you are not able to afford to have children, you are going into huge debt down the road.

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Creating a lifebook is a wonderful way to positively affect the life of a foster or adopted child
Creating a lifebook is a wonderful way to positively affect the life of a foster or adopted child

More Things To Consider

Celebrate two special days in a year

As a parent to an adopted child, get ready to celebrate two special days in a year which is his real birthday date and the date of when he first join the family. However, this is totally optional and also depends if the child is fine regarding the fact that he or she is adopted. Avoid celebrating the date the child join the family if the child feels uncomfortable with it.


Besides that, not every adoptive moms will be able to breastfeed their baby. If you would like to breastfeed your baby, learn it before the baby arrives under your care. You can always contact a lactation consultant at local hospitals for assistance.

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Adopting a child might be challenging but don't ever give up!


Special because adopted

Just because he or she is adopted, it doesn’t mean that the child is not entitling for care and love parents normally shower their children with. Treat them as your own child and never let the thought of adopted child ruin the relationship and care.

Child awareness

When the child is older, you got to tell him the truth; which is he or she is an adopted child. This is one of the hardest steps as a parent because this will put enormous pressure on the child. You got to prepare for the day and make sure that love and care of the child is not compromised even for a moment in life.

I would like to wish all readers thank you for reading and to all the (future) parents out there, good luck and have faith in yourself. It is always challenging in the beginning but once you reach the end of the tunnel, it will always be rewarding.

A video about considering adoption video before ending the hub...

Grab these books before adopting a child!


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  • nicregi profile image

    Reginald Chan 5 years ago from Malaysia

    Hi stopadoptionlies,

    Agreed on the matter. Money can't buy everything in life. Further more, even if you have adopted the child, you should always allow visiting and even encourage family bonding between both families.

    Thank you for your time reading and best regards.

  • stopadoptionlies profile image

    stopadoptionlies 5 years ago

    another issue to consider is the trauma that follows infants taken from their mothers and the toll it takes on the natural mother and eventually the adoptive parents when they realize that NO, you cannot take another woman's child just because you have the money. It doesn't erase her, it never will no matter how hard you try by changing birth details on a falsified document. My daughter is going through hell after finding me and learning about the lies her so-called Mother told her.