What if the child study team says, "I don't see a problem" but the teacher has s

  1. NJMom profile image67
    NJMomposted 9 years ago

    What if the child study team says, "I don't see a problem" but the teacher has said off the record that she really isn't ready for the next grade and that she is far below grade level?

  2. chellabel profile image50
    chellabelposted 8 years ago

    Do not accept it.  From either of them.  Who is the "Child Study Team".  Is it one member or has an assessment been done?  If you live in NJ and want the team to make an assessment, then either the teacher or you can make a request for the assessment in writing to the Child Study Team.  By law they have to follo through.  It will take time, be patient and it will happen.  There are tons of resources for you to help you. 
    I had a teacher make a referral on my son in Kindergarten and the CST said he was fine.  The teacher hated my son, she made him sit all alone at a desk on the other side of the classroom.  I didn't know because he did not know that was wrong.  Do not just accept what is said in the beginning.  Follow your instincts. 
    In my sons case, I moved to another township the next year and in the first week of first grade he was again referred.  It took until the end of the school year but he eventually got all of the help and support he needed. 
    Your child and you have rights, here is a great site http://www.spannj.org/

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    rkary3839posted 8 years ago

    The child study team should have set dates to reconvene or for you to continue the process.  I would ask my childs teacher to refer your child to the team again.  The special education process is not always the answer for some students.  There should be a plan in place to support your child.