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how can your forget your past without it coming back to haunt you?

  1. LIZA123 profile image60
    LIZA123posted 8 years ago

    how can your forget your past without it coming back to haunt you?

  2. PJ Stuart profile image60
    PJ Stuartposted 8 years ago

    Dear Liza123, unfortunately you can't forget your past. You can only learn to live peacefully with painful memories and learn from them the best way possible. I believe dealing with a painful past is essential. No matter how hard you try, those memories are a part of you and will help mold you into the person you are becoming depending on how you choose to respond to past experiences. I can only guess at what you've been through, but as a fellow human, I have memories that haunt me as well. Find someone, a Pastor, good friend or therapist to help you put things into perspective. I also believe God can heal a broken life, prayer works. Most of all, remember that the past is just that, the past. It can't be changed only dealt with in such a way that you can live in peace with those memories. Ask for help, there are people who will support you and be there when it gets tough. Just don't give up. Time truly heals.

  3. profile image49
    Paula10posted 8 years ago

    Dear Liza, our past, our life are made by memories of the right and wrong things we have done. If your past is constantly in your mind probably is because you  made  things to yourself or to others or you may regret things you have not done and the best advice is " Move over", " Grow up", " Be mature", you can not change your past and your decisions but you can forgive yourself. Forgiveness is the clue here and once you do it you will be free to go on with your life. Another thing is to talk to someone you trust about it and relax, do not have it all to yourself, but very important is to have someone you really trust, if you do not have you can look for a specialist to listen to you. The best!

  4. caker11@msn.com profile image54
    caker11@msn.composted 8 years ago

    Wouldn't that be crafty to forget our past and anything painful that existed there. Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do to forget but you can forgive. Forgive who? Only you can answer that question for me it is myself. The moment I stopped trying to run from everything I hated about myself and wanted to forget it ever happened was the day that my past stopped haunting me.

    Your past is a part of you, it has made you who you are today so trying to forget yourself is like trying to forget the lower part of your body exists!  The way out is the way through!

  5. LIZA123 profile image60
    LIZA123posted 8 years ago

    thankyou everyone. your answers have really helped me. thankyou all again


  6. profile image42
    Michael Bposted 8 years ago

    What you can do, Liza, is to fill your present with something new.  Happily, there's a finite amount of consciousness available to us in any given moment, and if you're totally engaged -- totally = 100%, not 99.9% -- in creating something extraordinary in this moment, there's not much space for that old moment to creep in. 

    This is when it is really useful to have a coach or a really daring friend to deliver a swift kick where it counts to get you into action.   Just to pick a wild example, if we were to get a little crazy one day and decide to go skydiving together, I absolutely guarantee that as you left that airplane you would not be moping about whatever that was back there that you think you need to forget.  (I don't know about you, but I'd be extremely busy screaming and trying to levitate ...)

    Since that's probably not going to happen, you could invent something in your own life that would create that kind of intensity and remove the option of dwelling on stuff you can't do anything about anyway.

    Here's a thought for you.  Whatever it was that happened to you has happened to someone else and probably lots of others someones.  How could you reach out to them so they get on with their lives?

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