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What is the best and worst part about being a teenager?

  1. claudiaalpert profile image49
    claudiaalpertposted 8 years ago

    What is the best and worst part about being a teenager?

  2. Silver Poet profile image74
    Silver Poetposted 8 years ago

    Best: you are getting taller, looking more like your adult self, learning by tremendous leaps and bounds, and gaining independence one atom at a time.

    Worst: you will feel tired a lot, have growing pains, discover people who aren't very nice to you (or to anyone else, for that matter), not be treated seriously by some adults (even though you're a person and you have a mind and feelings), and sometimes you will wonder if this somewhat awkward, somewhat wonderful phase will ever end, and at the same time you will not want it to end.

  3. appam profile image60
    appamposted 8 years ago

    The best part. Absolutely no serious responsibility.
    Worst part. Totally unaware of the external world

  4. Say Yes To Life profile image80
    Say Yes To Lifeposted 3 years ago

    My teen years were boring.  That was a privilege, growing up in Oakland, CA.  I was lucky to attend a Christian high school, thus escaping the violence and people slipping LSD to the unwary.
    If you have great parents, being a teen can be wonderful.  I love watching teens compete in the X-games.  The worst part is having very little control over your life.  You need your parents to sign you up with activities, pay for them, and take you everywhere.  If they don't feel like it, you're screwed.  Even if you're old enough to drive, you need parents to provide the car and money for you.
    I believe being a teenager is greatly overrated.