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What do you look for in a real man

  1. Mixedminded profile image54
    Mixedmindedposted 8 years ago

    What do you look for in a real man

  2. profile image46
    nic_mbaposted 8 years ago

    Thirst for knowledge.
    Defender of the truth.
    Protector of the weak and innocent.
    Helps others.
    Has a sense of humor.
    Appropriate amount of wisdom for age and life experience.
    Seeks to better himself.

    As you can see, by my definition, it's little to do with age and much to do with maturity.

  3. Manly Man profile image60
    Manly Manposted 8 years ago

    Here are some examples of manly men if that's what you're looking for. Make sure he's not wearing women's underwear!

  4. It's just me profile image60
    It's just meposted 8 years ago

    Not neccessarily in this order but off the top of my head:
    Self confident but not cocky
    Good sense of humor
    Well mannered/gentlemanly/helpful
    Active with many interests
    Able to protect and defend his family

  5. tmom profile image61
    tmomposted 8 years ago

    Integrity, compassion, and honesty!!  Besides being brutally handsome! (J/k on the last part)

  6. skgrao profile image71
    skgraoposted 7 years ago

    All the thing that Bill Gates has,see the contribution he has made to mankind.If all our filthy millionaires and billionaires and tax evaders and dirty politicians just build schools and hospitals or just repair the existing and all our doctors & Lawyers are trustworthy ,the police honest etc etc .... the whole world will be a happy place except few countries.