When do you let go of your adult son?

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    zmansfamposted 8 years ago

    When do you let go of your adult son?

    Is it letting go or giving up? Its killing me. 22 years old, college graduate was suppose to join Air Force after Dec 18th graduation-found out because he is a single parent he cannot. Relationship with girlfriend is very unhealthy but he says he is staying for the child(now 6months) and no intentions to marry anytime soon. He is depressed, sad, considering moving in with us-out of state from Child in AZ- All 3 considered moving in, but she makes all decisions, he has no back bone no direction-tears, stomach ulcer, and trying to raise his siblings twin 15 yrs and 13 yrs old brother. ADVICE ?

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    RNMSNposted 7 years ago

    my heart goes out to you...love to you bb

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    vocalcoachposted 7 years ago

    Never give up - no matter what the situation.  He is your son.  God never gives up on us.  Yes, your son makes wrong choices and yes, it hurts you because all you want for your son is for him to be happy and loved.  He is having a hard time and he is unhappy.  To stay with a person because of the children is not doing the children a favor...it is hurting them. He is staying with this woman because there is some type of pay-off for him. I understand more than most people what you are going through. I recently lost my adult son to cancer - a beautiful man kind and sweet who also stayed with a woman for to many years because of the children.
    She was a terrible person, mother and wife in every way.  He was so proud of his children and lived for them and thought he was doing the right thing by staying with her.  She finally left them all for drugs and other men.  My son raised 4 kids alone and not once complained.  I share this with you so that you may see another side to the problem.  He must do what is best for him, then the children, seeing his happiness will be happy too.

    I wish you and your son peace, love and harmony.