I want to be a good father, Suggest some do’s and don’ts

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    jacksmith3299posted 8 years ago

    I want to be a good father, Suggest some do’s and don’ts

    It’s always hard for me to be good father  and a responsible father too, if I try to be good father and takes out some time from my busy schedule it effects my efficiency in work and obviously effects my financial capabilities and that ultimately makes me irresponsible father. I have found some Do’s on internet but I don’t know whether it leads me to be good father or responsible father.


    Kindly help.

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    lifeboostposted 8 years ago

    Hello Jack smile

    Here are my suggestions, and I hope they're helpful. They are some small adjustments that you can make that don't take a lot of time, but will definitely make you a good AND responsible father! smile

    * SMILE at your children - giving your child the impression that he lights up a room when he enters will change who he is! It will affect who he becomes as an adult. It can make the difference to his career choices; financial health; physical, emotional and mental health; relationships - in fact that one adjustment could make his life a success!  How you react to your children will have more effect on them, than how often they're with you.

    *  During the time you do spend with your children - make sure you're really present. BE there. Listen to them, allow them to speak to you, even if it doesn't seem to be particularly interesting or relevent.

    *  If you can, try to make some special time (even if it's only half an hour once a week) with each child, during which you do something with them, that you only do with that child - an activity, reading a book, playing a particular game - whatever it is, it'll be something that child feels is special to him/her.

    *  Laugh - humour is magical. Share humour with your children when you can - especially during moments that may otherwise feel tense or stressful.

    *  Show kindness and warmth along with firmness in discipline.

    I hope this helps.
    Enjoy the time you do have with your children. smile

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    Shendawgposted 7 years ago

    Hello Jack,

    Lifeboost is right on with her suggestions.  All I can really emphasize is be present.  Whenever that time is, really make it count.  As a father of 3 I know this is very tough and I struggle at times myself.  Work and family life is a delicate balance, but just like work, it sounds like you make sure what you do is productive.  So in like, the most productive thing you can do with your kids is being present so they know you care and love them.