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Should wives with children stay at home to care for them or go to work and let d

  1. Groove profile image54
    Grooveposted 8 years ago

    Should wives with children stay at home to care for them or go to work and let daycare raise them?

    Excluding of course situations where it is not financially feasible.

  2. mikicagle profile image90
    mikicagleposted 8 years ago

    what a loaded question.  let me just say that there is a huge difference in the behavior of a child who is being raised by a loving parent vs one who is being raised in daycare.  I stayed home with my children until they were old enough to go to school-we lived in a small house and didn't have a lot of money-but the kids didn't mind.  I realize some people will find this offensive but when we would drive by daycares my daughter would say "there is where the kids who's parents don't love them go."

  3. ashakhan profile image56
    ashakhanposted 8 years ago

    from my point of observation that question is mainly depend on you.first can u afford money to send kids to daycare.second can you do work properly while your kids is in day care or do you wonder what happening to my child in sitting office and end up in two mind which affect works.third the most important advice is if you can stay with your kid while he grows it is the most important gift you can give to that child rather than buying expensive gift and toys.kids love you if you care them rather than putting in day care.now in modern times people cannot afford to live with both parents salary so why do not be first settled and make decision and i bet if you can manage well with one person salary either father or mother should take care  of  their beloved kids rather than sending day care wheather who know what happens with your baby.is they feeding correct or is he fighting with other baby or so and so .

  4. hipstermama profile image54
    hipstermamaposted 8 years ago

    Ok... so I'll just post what I wrote about on my Blog..

    I’m a stay at home mom, by choice.. left my professional career a little over 2.5 years ago when our first little boy was born. It was a really difficult transition for me when I left my ‘day job’  for a 24*7 , not always that glamorous job at home. I spent months trying to get into a rhythm of staying at home.. hek,… this is going to sound dumb, but I even had to figure out how to include cleaning our house into the picture because we always had cleaning people to take care of all the time-consuming dirty work.

    I had many, many mind numbing days, many ‘wow.. my child is the most amazing child in the world days’.. many.. man, I should really go back to corporate life days.. but more than the rest.. I felt most fortunate that I got to stay home with my babies.. so ultimately, that’s what I did and am still doing.

    For people who think being a stay at home mommy is all fun and games and eating bon-bons.. its’ definitely not. Its’ hard, kick your booty kind of work – mentally, physically and in between. So for those of you feeling at odds with how you deal with your daily goings on, at home with your baby, whether or not you want to be there, don’t.. its’ hard, no, let me restate that, its’ really REALLY hard at times.

    Staying home with your babies is often different from anything else you’ve done on a daily routine pre-children and it may or may not be for you.. on a every day, all day basis. Which is ok! Because we are all meant to interpret life differently and contribute in whatever ways we are called. Whatever choice you make, is your choice, so let it be the right choice, for you. Because when its’ the right choice for you, it is generally the right choice for all because a happy mommy most often sets the tone for a happy household.

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    SpaceAgeposted 8 years ago

    i think schedules should b balanced where each parent takes turns having off days 7 care 4 the kids. if there's days where neither can, that's what in-laws r 4