Hello fello parents.. could I ask a little favour????????????

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    dotty1posted 8 years ago

    Hello fello parents.. could I ask a little favour????????????

    I really need some parents feedback on  my new poem of which I hoped could help pubesant girls with the questions they have? ....or what I had and my daughter seems to hehe...In a way where they recieve some advice in return to their answer....I hoped it could be a humerous but helpful "puberty poetry"...and my daughter did laugh and nod... would be forever in your debt ...x

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    alli5812posted 8 years ago

    if you please.. i would like to give some input on your idea.. although im only 16.
    my name is alli,
    i grew up with only a mom and one of the things she used to do was try to make puberty seem funny.
    "the sands of time are moving across that girls chest" she'd say.
    i mean i understand a parents point of view... you've been through it you know how it feels..ect.
    but have you forgotten how we feel as teenagers?
    its not fun, its not funny,
    your growin in weird ways and you feel like your world is just falling around you.
    i understand your need to inform.. all parents should be as open as you... but not to the point of humiliation on your teenagers part.
    im sorry if ive offended you but i say it like i see it... if im mistaken in anyway, my apologies.

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    dotty1posted 8 years ago

    hi there ... ofcourse you havent offended me I appreciate your honesty and this is exactly what I wanted... and your age makes your coment even more valuable to me.

    However as a woman myself and obviously having been a girl, I often felt as if I wasnt normal and did not always have information to hand and was fairly shy...

    It wasnt intended to ridicule what is perhaps the hardest thing growing up...being a mother myself with a daughter going through this it was intended as a light hearted way of ensuring the often confused frightened girl that she was indeed normal in a light hearted way....not making fun whats so ever out of the person...

    I take on board your coments and I would rather have your honest coments as I too am a say what you see kinda gal... so thank you and apologies if your interpretation was not how it was intended..

    food for thought x

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