Should pre-teens and teens be guided and trained about internet use and social n

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    CheapInMadridposted 7 years ago

    Should pre-teens and teens be guided and trained about internet use and social networks?

    If left to their means pre-teens and teenagers handle a lot of technology and Web 2.0 devices.Thinks cellphones,Ipods,Online games all on the World Wide Web.How does a parent or adult regulate use of internet,how and what information is exchanged!

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    dorposted 7 years ago

    you can't regulate the information a child is excessing, and you really shouldn't. The only thing you should do is educate them about the different dangers involving the internet and do your best to keep an open communication channel with your child. You should always notice your chid's general behavior patterns and react if they change for no apparent reason.

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    Internet Safetyposted 7 years ago

    You can introduce tweens to safe social networks where they can network and chat, Kidzworld is one. Some parents use safety software and online monitoring services for added protection. Others feel that teaching a child safe Internet practices and developing a strong level of trust works better and allows a child to develop independence. Open lines of communication are very important. Watching for personality or behavioral changes in your child that could signal potential trouble is important also.

    Parents do play a greater role in their child's decisions than they may lead you to believe sometimes. Set the tone. You care because you love them and with the rapid advancement of portable technology, providing Internet safety for our children will probably remain challenging for all of us!!

    Best wishes to you and yours! smile