how do you teach violent toddlers to play nicely with siblings?

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    leisa bradyposted 7 years ago

    how do you teach violent toddlers to play nicely with siblings?

    I have noticed since birth that I have had alot of trouble raising and teaching my now 2 and half year old daughter to play and be gentle with others.  Now we have a younger sister in the family for my 2yr old to adjust to and accept and since the day we bought her home our 2yr old, has everyday tried to harm and hurt her younger sister in ways such as strangling, suffocating, kicking, punching etc and has trouble sharing or getting along with other children around her.  She needs to be constantly supervised everday and is very demanding and draining.  Please help me and my family....

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    swapna123posted 7 years ago

    Your daughter is just 2 and half. She is too small to really understand the consequences of her actions. Does anyone in your family have a violent nature ? Children mimic elders and if they see someone in the family quite aggressive, they may try to follow the person.

    In your case, it may just be that she is jealous of the attention that her little sister is getting. Since she is too young, she can't tell you her feelings and has to display it only by actions.

    Set aside some time to bond with your daughter. Let her feel that she is equally loved and slowly try to drive home the point that her younger sister is a part of her family. Pick up some game that the three of you can play and your children enjoy.

    Whenever she is very aggressive, ask her to go to her room and give her some time to calm down. Keep asking her if she is still mad at her sister or you and ask her to come out when she cools down.

    Good Luck !

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    BRIGHTMAN24posted 7 years ago

    I feel your pain . my son is a cocain babe, his mother used up until he was born and is a matter afact continued after. He is very aggressive and will draw lines in the sand and will not budge no matter what you do , or what you take away. He is about to be nine. I have found alot of help through are community and school system. A big problem is ftting in at school, he now actually attends a alternitive school. This school is helping him with his behavor and is not a dumping ground for juvinile dilinquints . I know he is much older but these things have been happening ever since I can remember. I am a single dad with coustdy of both my sons and I get no help from ther mother at all , just added grief and dramma.
      Your already half way there , by admitting there is aproblem and asking for help. you keep asking , search your communtiy and your closest city for behavioral instituts . It wont be hard to find help, you are not alone. In the begining I thought he was posessed by evil , he even has two calicks where his horns fell off laugh lol. Be strong , be strict, and be consistant!!!!!