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i think my neice is being molested,an is blaming my 9yr for things that are or h

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    darla44posted 7 years ago

    i think my neice is being molested,an is blaming my 9yr for things that are or have been done to...

    her,i dont know what to do ? Is it normal for a child that is geting molested to blame someone else for the things that are being done to her ? My neice is only 4  ,her mom is my sister,we arent close but my neice comes an stays the night with me an my 2 girls which are 9 ,17. I have 4 children so ive had alot of exsperence with kids. My mother told me my neice had been doing strange things like humping on toys,saying sexual things an at one time said her dad had touch her .Nothing was done about this an im feeling like i need to do somthing.My mom is now saying they dont think that happen

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    roadrunner0924posted 7 years ago

    I witnessed this in my Ex Wife's family, but it was with the babysitter.  The parents ignored it and never did anything about it.  The best thing to do is something, talk to her and if need be get social services involved for the child's sake.  It will start a family issue if they know you did it, but the priority should be your niece.

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    breathe2travelposted 7 years ago

    Videotape a converstaion with her.  Give her some dolls/stuffed animals and engage her in play-acting what has happened.

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    pips41009posted 7 years ago

    As a woman who was molested as a child, I would believe your niece. 4 year olds wouldn't just make things up like that. She had to either experienced it or saw it. Her imagination isn't just going to come up with that stuff. Get her to talk about it more so that she knows she has someone to go to. I just had a daughter 5 months ago and when I did it triggered anxiety in my mind because when I was 4 I was being molested and wish I would have told someone because now I am in therapy twice a week and on anti anxiety meds because I feel overwhelmed that something might happen to my daughter. At least look into it. I know I don't know you but please don't take this situation lightly. Just look into it deeper.

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    tamarawilhiteposted 6 years ago

    Do not let your nine year old be alone with her again until she has had a medical examination and/or counseling. She may have been sexually abused and is now leveling accusations on your son from innocent play, having been mistreated by others.
    The sooner a physical exam is done, the sooner you will know if sexual abuse has happened. But you must ensure that she is seen by a medical professional and that she doesn't implicate your son for what someone else did.