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What are the main responsibilities of a wife to make the marriage a success?

  1. lex123 profile image64
    lex123posted 7 years ago

    What are the main responsibilities of a wife to make the marriage a success?

  2. mandyf profile image66
    mandyfposted 7 years ago

    It is not just the wife who has the responsibility. Marriage is a partnership-50/50. equal responsibility in taking care of and raising the children, spending quality family time and open communication. This question is somewhat offensive unless you would like to reword

  3. lex123 profile image64
    lex123posted 7 years ago

    I didn't mean this question to be offensive. I do agree a marriage is both 50/50. (Please see my next question about husband's responsibilities.) Let me answer first my own question.
    Seeing some of the unsuccessful marriages, the points I feel are -

    1. A wife must be able to appreciate her husband's virtues than always grumbling about him.
    2. Must be able to adjust with his income than over spending and nagging him.
    3. Avoid comparing him with other husbands.
    4. Do not fight with him in front of the children.

    If you have additional points please add to this list. It may help someone.

  4. nutz_17 profile image59
    nutz_17posted 7 years ago

    i think ensuring he comes home to a caring and loving wife is more than enough. cooking for him and other domestic chores are things you can do together and turn them into bonding moments.

  5. Roy Perrin profile image61
    Roy Perrinposted 6 years ago

    I know it didn't seem like a question asking for a biblical perspective, but there is a great answer in Proverbs 31.  There are a lot of men who use this as an excuse to try to make their wives submissive and have them do everything, but there are other places in the bible that tell what a man is supposed to do.  Yes, the bible says to be submissive to your husband, but it also says that the husband should be doing things as lead by God and for the benefit of the family not themselves.  When husband and wife are in one accord with the word of God the partnership takes on a relationship of mutual love and concern as well as an equal share of work.  With this in mind doing the things for each other that make life easier/better for the other makes life easier/better for the pair as a whole.  Even when it comes to having relations, putting the other's needs ahead of your own and communicating leads to a better life.  I have been married for 15 years and one of the most important things for us is when disagreements and fights do arise the word divorce is not an option.  When you start thinking of life without the other, you open doors to achieve a life without the other.  Many marriages seem to fail these days because a lot of people get married with the attitude that if it doesn't work out they can just get divorced.  Cut out that option and you have to find ways of actually working through your issues TOGETHER and coming out stronger in the end.  I hope this helps and good luck.  The same answer could be used for the your other question about what a husband should do for his wife.