Mum, thank you for letting me fly .

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    Sunshine Chenposted 10 years ago

    Mum, thank you for letting me fly .I know you are missing me and hoping I can stay with you .So do I . On the other hand ,you never give me any pressure like other girls have been caught.However ,it looks impossible at this time because  I am too far from you .

    From the younger brother and my births to both of our  colleage graduation , I know you and Dad have afforded too much than the general country parents.When I can repay you ???

    Although I am the only one granddaughter for grandma,you never spoiled me in my childhood. Homework, housework and your strict words, those are all my memories for my childhood.

    After my entrance examination, I toughly choosed a colleague in Xi'an city ,China,which is far from our hometown Hubei province,for getting rid of your bondage. I told you I would go back after my graduation .Instead, just in the first month I left you ,I wanted to go home ! But I had no choice but to complete my colleage life !

    Luckily , I was easy to hunt a job in Dongguan city  at the end of  my graduation but felt that not suitable for me so I left to Xiamen. Life and work are OK here but it is farther and farther to my hometown ! It also means I have to deal with my own Board and lodging and any other trifles  by myself . You know ?Yesterday night I had a fever because of  the cold, but I had to get up and see a doctor in the night...

    Sometimes I was regreted and wanted to resign to go back .I know it is not difficult for me to find a job in Hubei  ,but I am not willing to leave here because I like this city so much , which makes my heart so secure .Here I learn to enjoy solitude ,learn to read and think ,learn to communicate with the strangers to become good friends...

    Mum, thank you for giving me freedom and letting me fly . However far I fly , I am  just the kite and you are the very thread. Do not worry for me .I will go back to take good care of you and Dad  when I really achieve something...