thank you for this article sally. my mum saw an advert in a magazine from a wo

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    Shel23posted 7 years ago

    thank you for this article sally.   my mum saw an advert in a magazine from a woman saying that...

    the lightning process changed her life and even though ?600 is alot she thought it might "change my life".   After reading your article I now have doubts.   Have you heard from anybody else that it did help?

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    sallycatsposted 7 years ago

    Hello, I have had a lot of people write to me about this and some people do say it helped them with their depression but I have never met anyone who say it cured their M.E/CFS completely. Esther Rantzen used to write articles saying LP cured her daughter but is now writing articles saying that it only helped and that her daughter was still exhausted. She is now doing dietry things and think she may have had Coeliac disease. Here's the link … ntzen.html
    I hope this helps, best wishes,