Any best jobs for 15 year female to do in my home

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    ayesha fatimaposted 7 years ago

    Any best jobs for 15 year female to do in  my home

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    wychicposted 7 years ago

    What kind of skills do you have? Many people will not hire a 15-year-old, but I did a lot of internet-based business ventures throughout high school including writing, running a finder's service and consignment list, selling books and CDs on Amazon, etc. Bear in mind that since you're under 18 you will have to have a parent's permission to do a lot of that, and in many cases they will have to register your profile. Some sites also can't legally pay out to anyone under 18, so read the terms of service very closely before forming a business plan of action around it.

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    websclubsposted 7 years ago

    You must be neat,courteous and trustworthy. to care for children that means being patient,creative,caring. your job will be about child safety like first aid etc.
    Rewards are in the feel good about yourself, Jobs that can lead you to a higher paying career.
               Ambitious 15-year-old,  Fifteen-year-old's may need to approach the job market with a different mind-set with the right combination of talent -     Household Services
                - can earn steady wages by offering to complete various chores for homeowners. -cluttered basements and garages. you can perform full cleaning services , focus on clearing and organizing specific troublesome spots such as attics or cellars. Painting is a service  teenager can provide to different households for payment... -Interior painting services could be accomplished all year. you can mow lawns and pull weeds in the summer, rake leaves every autumn, shovel driveways and walkways in the winter.     Business Help
             assess your skills - any small or family-owned business, especially if the teenager already knows the owner. The youngster could offer his computer know-how... web design and content. -- teen could run errands or perform messenger work. If she is a gifted writer or photographer, she could generate interest among smaller businesses that might have a demand for those same talents on a freelance basis.     Tutoring,           Teaching is another possible revenue generator.  A teen who has aced his high school mathematics, English or foreign language classes could assist other teens ... children -- one-on-one tutoring. Computer classes represent another demand.

    Many adults and small-business owners would appreciate personalized PC instructions with a technologically savvy 15-year-old.     Traditional Jobs           The jobs that historically have been performed by teenagers continue to be available for a youngster eager to make money. This includes babysitting and washing cars. you can earn cash by walking, bathing and grooming neighborhood pets. When a client travels on vacation, the teenage entrepreneur can charge fees for checking on and caring for that customer's animals.
    List of Jobs for Teens Age 15 | … z1H9mpMRNA

    cool jobs for teens...