Does any one know someone whose child is a gang member?

  1. Iannurse profile image61
    Iannurseposted 7 years ago

    Does any one know someone whose child is a gang member? wants to know, how do parents live with gangsters in thier own home. Why dont they seek help!

  2. chanroth profile image70
    chanrothposted 7 years ago

    Yes, I know parent who have a child that is part of a gang that live in their own home. This lady I knew who son was part of a gang, she complain about how her son threaten her if she ever tell or do anything. She was a strong woman and called police on her own son. He was arrested for threatening his mother but was later release. I guess her son was used to living in prison so he's not afraid of it anymore. Well, this one summer night, her son call out his gang to rob his parent house and tied his parent to a chair. He even iron her back with an iron in front of her husband. Her husband was shot both of his leg and they left with 10,000 dollar worth of gold. A man who was riding his bike saw 10 guys with black mask on jump out of the lady apartment, he immediately call the police. when they arrive they found both parent wound. After being question, she immediately told the police that it is her son because she recognized his voice and the smell of his body. After her recovery, she became mentally ill until today. This is a true story...and she did seek for help, but the help that was given from the city police wasn't enough. it seem to me that...jail is another good home for these gangster. I know many people blame the parent for not seeking help or do anything about it, but if u were or anyone were in the same position as she is, then you would surly understand the difficulty she has been through living with her gangster son. Police sometime is not as helpful and the court is screwed up.

  3. Iannurse profile image61
    Iannurseposted 7 years ago

    WOW!!!! And that is the problem, there is no real help from the police. Its terrible to live in fear. My heart goes out to parents who live in fear. I dont know. The People across the street took their house made three apartments and rented the apartments out to gangsters.... I told the owner the next time I find kids drunk outside his house I am call the poilce on him.... i was an empty threat, the police would not come or do anything thing


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