When I was growing up and attending school, children from large families were of

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    gmwilliamsposted 6 years ago

    When I was growing up and attending school, children from large families were often disadvantaged.

    These children were disadvantaged socioeconomically and intellectually.   They usually were low academic achievers and were often behavioral problems in school.   I and my more affuent classmates were nonplussed at this e.g. there was one girl from a large family of 20 who had to be assisted by outside donations and charities.   There was another girl from a family of 8 who regularly shook down children for monies because her family could not provide for her.  The opposite occurred with us children from small families-we are more affluent and high achievers.   Explain why?

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    prektjr.dcposted 6 years ago

    I think that socioeconomical disadvantage occurs in families of all sizes based on the parents' personal histories and ambitions (or lack thereof).  My daughter has 6 children, is working full-time, taking classes to gain her Master's degree, owns her own businesses (2 of them) AND has been remodeling her home with her husband.  Their children have all the advantages she did in a family with only 3 children.  They are financially sound.  Because they are not lazy.  Their children are clothed and provided for because she is careful with their finances.

    Intelligence is both genetic and environmental, so the exposure to a variety of information lays at the feet of the parents and the child's extended circle.  My children were in the gifted program at school, though they were children of a single mom.  I went to school full-time AND owned and operated my own preschool while they were growing up.  Their father was an alcoholic who couldn't keep a job, thus explaining the divorce!

    My father was one of 6 children and had a photographic memory and actually skipped 1st grade.   My mother was one of 8 children.  Together, they did so well, that she never had to work outside of the home.  I was raised in a "Beaver Cleaver" type home.  Economics only influence the children if the parents allow.

    Very thought provoking question!