What is the best way to discipline a 2 year old for cussing?

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  1. wildove5 profile image74
    wildove5posted 10 years ago

    What is the best way to discipline a 2 year old for cussing?

    My grandson has taken to cussing, especially when he isn't getting attention,tired, or already in time-out!  We have tried to distract him with similar words to stern talks about how we don't say bad words.  Nothing seems to work!  He will be entering day care soon and would like it if he isn't expelled on his first day!

  2. K. Burns Darling profile image82
    K. Burns Darlingposted 10 years ago

    As the mother of a 17 year old son, a 16 year old daughter, and a 4 year old daughter, I can only say that in our family, where cussing is an absolutely punishable offense, when it comes to the toddlers, we've always just ignored it.  Sometimes it is difficult, and sometimes I have to leave the room in order to do it, but usually when we have not responded to it, it stops. It is when we have responded to it that they have continued to do it.  It has never been a real struggle with my children, until they start school, and that is when I started punishing for it.

  3. nightwork4 profile image59
    nightwork4posted 10 years ago

    usually when a kid that young cusses, it's because they heard it from someone older so try finding out where they got the words from a discipline that person.

  4. Mamma Karen profile image60
    Mamma Karenposted 10 years ago

    I worked with toddlers in a professional daycare setting for 10 years.  At this age they are experimenting with words and often "try out" new words because they like the sound of the word or the reaction they get from others when they say it.  You can sometimes correct the behavior by offering a work they can use in place of the cuss word. Offering a "funny word" that they can say has been a trick I've had a lot of luck with in my classroom over the years.  "Flapjack" was a favorite among the two year olds.

  5. mrsbloomingrose profile image61
    mrsbloomingroseposted 10 years ago

    I think it's best to try to ignore it and not over-react. I think they try to see what would happen if they say it because they heard a grown-up or older kid saying it...If you just simply say "that's not a very nice word" and change the subject to something they like to do they will probably forget about it. If you get upset and let them know they did something bad they might try it again to see if you act the ame way. Kids are super smart...even the younger ones.

  6. hcachat profile image60
    hcachatposted 10 years ago

    Ignoring the word. You said yourself that he is doing it for attention. Ignore the words don't ignore him. If he cusses pretend you didn't hear it. Keep right on doing what you were doing before. It may take some time but when he realizes he won't get your attention by it he will stop. When he uses the words you suggested to him praise him. Make a huge deal. Toddlers like when you get excited and make it all about them.

    My son and I get excited and high five every time he does something that I asked him to do. You should see the smile on his face!

  7. mymarie profile image60
    mymarieposted 9 years ago

    I completely agree with the other posts, you have to ignore it.
    But...who in the world is cussing around your grandson?  I have three children and have never had any problems with cussing or anything on an inappropriate level like that.  Our Ps&Qs are watched every moment around the kids.  I have stopped people in public to ask them to watch theirs, and I had no problem politely doing so.  Kids do not need to be subject to bad language or situations.
    I agree with nightwork4, punish the source of it all.

  8. Asalexander profile image61
    Asalexanderposted 9 years ago

    Punish whomever he's learning this from.  Anytime our 16 month old does something she shouldn't (she does not cuss), we just say, "that's all finished."  It works for us.


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