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Does things ever get better after you hit rock bottom?

  1. tobzyjen81 profile image37
    tobzyjen81posted 6 years ago

    Does things ever get better after you hit rock bottom?

    I was in a relatinship for 8 years. I lost every thing. the child services took my babys  placed them with grandparents. since then I moved on. I am now trying to do the right thing. I moved from that little town, fixing to get married , going to start college. but the ex from hell is saying him an his new wife are going to get my babys an take them away fom me. I miss my two boys  so much, an I know my ex just wants them to make me pay him support. its really crazy.

  2. Angel709 profile image60
    Angel709posted 6 years ago

    My heart goes out to you, but your ex didn't take everything.  Of course our kids are a great big chunk of our lives, including the sweat and tears we invest in our relationship, but you've mentioned some things that let me know all wasn't lost.  You found love again and you're looking to educate yourself more.

    I don't always have faith in our legal system (far from it) but I do know there is power in the ink pen and an orderly approach.  Document your own efforts and be as thorough as possible with dates and accomplishments on your part to better yourself and include your boys in your future.  I don't know the circumstances of which you lost your children, but I would suggest going to any "social service"-oriented classes about parenting to appease the system BEFORE you attempt to get your children back.  Even if you're only wanting at this time to keep them with the grandparents, getting them back may be your ultimate goal and any thing you do now positively, will help you and the boys in the future. 

    Regardless of the case:  You are allowed visitation and you can appeal to courts (without a lawyer if you do your homework, or seek free legal counsel if money is an issue).  Be clear in your appeal for the ex and his new wife not to take the children, stating that this would further limit your time with your boys and your right to see them.  Use your legal rights, not your emotions to address the issue. No name calling and emotional outbursts will be in your favor if you pursue this.  Do not cast him as the "ex from hell".  It will only appear as an angry remark and work against you.  Your focus is your boys.

    Things will continue to get better if you use your head and take careful steps to get your boys or at least maintain them with the grandparents.  Do not inform the ex of what you're doing, (it may be tempting to gloat, but don't do it) let him be served papers--that is if he actually keeps his word about trying to take them. Communicate through an advocate/lawyer, etc. Meanwhile communicate through cards, mail, and pictures to show your willingness to have a relationship despite the circumstance.  I hope this helps.

  3. cyoung35 profile image85
    cyoung35posted 6 years ago

    Life is very cruel...when you're on top you never thing it is going to end and when you hit rock bottom you never think it will get better. Life always has a way of knocking you down off your pedestal or bringing you up from the ashes and you just have to keep remembering this and be strong. Things will get better and not only will they be better but you will be a stronger person when it does.

  4. nightwork4 profile image61
    nightwork4posted 6 years ago

    you can do anything you want and never forget that. if you want to give your kids a good life, let your ex play his games and just concentrate on becoming a better person. in due time, you will be in a position to get your kids back, no worries.

  5. Dexter Yarbrough profile image80
    Dexter Yarbroughposted 6 years ago

    Things certainly will get better. There are really good people out there that will become your lifelong friends. Don't ever neglect or isolate them. They will help you through some of the rough patches.

    Be a good person, get educated and stay strong and faithful. You will get your children back. Done.

  6. inevitablesecrets profile image72
    inevitablesecretsposted 5 years ago

    Yes.  If you are at the bottome there is no where to go but up.  Good luck smile