How can we continue to teach discipline and respect in this modern world?

  1. liz52955 profile image60
    liz52955posted 6 years ago

    How can we continue to teach discipline and respect in this modern world?

    With clothing getting racier and racier on children that seem to get younger and younger; with technology glued to our hands and our eyes; with heavy drugs popping up on every corner; with no-goal, live off of the state members of society....respect is nearly non-existent not to mention discipline having gone out the window too. What ever happened to yes, sir and no, sir?

  2. Paul Bisquera profile image78
    Paul Bisqueraposted 6 years ago

    Teaching discipline and respect starts with the parents/guardians who show self-discipline and respect to themselves as well as to others.  Parents should understand that they are their child's first teacher--and daily teacher--when it comes to life in general.  The teacher has them for 6 hours while the parents have them FOR LIFE. 

    Children are observant when parents respect their elders or show respect to others.  The kids also learn discipline by watching their parents who not only "preach it" but show it in their daily lives. 

    There's no way we can keep out technology from our children's lives but we can certainly teach them our values and morals everyday.   As parents (aka LEADERS), we have to go back to teaching our kids good manners, respect, politeness, and self-discipline.  However, most parents have to understand that teaching them these things doesn't work until the parents actually do it themselves!