What funny incident from your childhood do you best remember?

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  1. swapnitha25 profile image60
    swapnitha25posted 5 years ago

    After coming from school i used play role of my teacher, how she teach, what did she thought etc,. i don't tell to my mom, that whatever happen in the classroom, but they used to know everything. yes...its because of my role of teacher!!!

  2. Rachu Murali profile image54
    Rachu Muraliposted 5 years ago

    My one of the Funny Incident is that travelling alone in the train, as i was having the Privilage of Train Pass Till 21 years, but i was just travelling in train keeping my pass In My pocket with my mom all the time,  (this incedent took place Around my 10 to 12 Age i belive) but One fine day without thinking of anything i stepped into the train alone and train started moving, i was enjoying the movement of the train, not thinking about any thing like were it goes etc, but i was just  enjoying the train, and i was noteing down the names of all the stations which i see on that day, wherever  my passenger train stops, later after somewere around 12 Stations was passed thru then I realized that i have to go back to home, but that time my brain was empty, so for some movement i felt crying, because At that time only i realised that i have to go back to my home and there was no idea were i was going, but actual matter was in the train, Surprizingly the train which i was travelling, that particular train was running only till  the specific station and again it comes back to the station from where it started, so at that time i thank the god that i have not get into any of the express train or else i would have travelled state by state on that day and around 3 Pm on that day i came back to my place and went home thanking the god that he has giving me little brain but lately smile

  3. A Houston profile image71
    A Houstonposted 5 years ago

    I remember one Halloween when my mother, brother, sister, and I were going door to door as usual getting candy. We came across this one house that was so creepy and scary looking and there was a woman dressed as a witch sitting on the porch.

    My brother and I were afraid to go to that house. My mother urged us to go and get that candy, seeing how scared we were. My sister, however, just walked up on the porch, got her candy then came back to sidewalk. My brother and I finally got up enough courage (after urging of our annoyed mother) and walked up to the porch, crying the whole time.

    The woman was very scary. She had fangs dripping with fake blood and a cold stare as she dropped some candy in our bags. We couldn't get away from that place fast enough all the while crying our little eyes out. Looking back on it now I can laugh and think to myself "that whole situation was so messed up".

  4. Alex Houghton profile image50
    Alex Houghtonposted 5 years ago

    I remember going on holiday to devon, england and there was an obstacle course there that we used to race around. Long story short my brother got stuck in one of the slides!

  5. profile image52
    glennrecopertoposted 5 years ago

    i fell from a mango tree eigth feet high,but my cousin and i had a terrible laugh

  6. Sophia Gorostiza profile image59
    Sophia Gorostizaposted 5 years ago

    I'm actually still 11 but I got a few funny things smile.

    When I was 7 or 8 I think, me and my besties had a playdate. We really wanted to make a treehouse out of my bunk bed and there was nothing left to use but curtains! Luckily, there were some green curtains in my room ( to make it look like leaves you know ? ), not so luckily that they were only curtains left in the entire house! So I was all " Hey girls! I've got an idea! I'll climb up and dispatch the curtains and while you catch it, try not to let it hit you.".

    So I went and put myself over that wooden guardrail and dispatched those needed curtains. But after that, I realized something: I was stuck over the guardrail. So one of my besties, Anika, said" Don't worry Soph! Jump, trust me! ". Well, we had an extra bed for guests underneath my bunker ( you know that kind of bunk that you could put a bed over the top and the bottom was empty? ) and because it was too long to fit horizontally underneath, we put it in vertically.

    So, yup, you guessed it, the other half of the bed was sticking out from underneath. And I only had seconds to spare before that guardrail fell over. But for the sake of my best friends, I told them " Cover that end with pillows please! ". So sure, they did it. And boy was I scared when I jumped that 5 feet. And I managed not to scream ( because if I screamed my parents would find out )! And I landed ' Thump-flop!' on the pillow covered matress .

    After that I said " That was really fun! "! So we spent 37% of the remaining playdate time jumping off from the bunk ledge. LOL!!!


  7. Helen Bea Kirk profile image61
    Helen Bea Kirkposted 5 years ago

    Classic moment: Dad had a sweet tooth so he piled all four of us kids in the car and took us to the grocery store. Of course we each had our own idea of what would satisfy a craving for sweets. Dad stayed calm. Two gallons of milk and four packages of oreo cookies later, he taught us to make "Cookie Mush." I apologize if anyone has copyrighted that dessert title, but it was my dad's in 1968.
    Cookie Mush
    One tall glass
    Fill the tall glass with as many oreo cookies as you can fit in it
    Pour cold mild over the cookies till the glass is full
    Using a spoon taller than the glass, poke, mash and crush the cookies into submission and enjoy.

  8. profile image52
    Sneha singh90posted 5 years ago

    Well childhood is all about mischievious activities,getting scolded but again doing the same thing just for fun and pleasure.
    I remember when I was in class 9th we  a group of 4 girls used to play truth and dare and one day while playing the game i was given a dare to steal my english teacher's note from where she used to give us notes.
    I accepted the dare and went to her desk where she used to keep her stuffs. My mission was accomplished. The moment I turned my head to leave from the class I saw her staring me with astonishment  . Since I was a good student and one of her favourite. She realised  that it was just a game and accepted to forgive me after so many reasons and justifying myself. "NEVER DO THAT AGAIN" she said and asked me to leave. It was a horrible and terrible experience I had but now I laugh whenever I remember this incident!!

  9. Rogerskamau profile image60
    Rogerskamauposted 5 years ago

    When I refused to wear sleeping pajamas saying that I want to sleep naked like my dad does

  10. profile image52
    Singhbaghelposted 5 years ago

    Hey Indian here
    So I don't know if anyone know about this or not in 90s there used to come a good superhero TV series called shaktiman
    So this person was a superhero like Superman and spyderman but in Desi (Indian ) style he used to help everyone whosoever is in problem,he has his own unique step to fly like moving hand in air and then fly ,so one day I was in my school I was in 4th class so I use to think that shaktiman is real and he will come to help me if I am in trouble so on that I think to try his signature step from my school balcony and seriously you won't believe but yes I try to fly and jump and within seconds I fell badly to the  ground with some serious injuries my left hand got fractured and my chest too got some problem my parents still think of that and make fun of me I was too dumb in those days

  11. GoodnewsBassey profile image60
    GoodnewsBasseyposted 5 years ago

    My funny experience went i was a kid is play sand.

  12. profile image51
    kellyksposted 5 years ago

    yeah I do remember one such incident which currently seems very funny but when it had happened I was scared beyond words. So I was just a 10 year old back then and had come to stay with my grandparents for vacation. Just after a few days we got the news that my uncle – father’s brother – had become proud parent. My parents had gone out of country so they couldn’t come. So me and my grandparents decided to visit them and I was super excited to meet my little cousin. I even got toys for him and put them in my bag so that I can present him when I meet him. Anyway so we boarded the bus and my grandfather asked me if I wanted to pee or if I was thirsty. It was just a few minutes before the bus had to move and since it had to be a long journey so he thought it would be better if I relieve myself rather than troubling him later. I instantly wanted to go to pee and both of us left my grandmother there in the bus and we left. So when I came back I saw the bus was about to move and just then out of excitement I left my grandfather’s hand and started running towards the bus. I caught the bus and it started to move. Meanwhile I reached the seat where my grandmother was sitting and I saw no one was there. Just then the bus left the terminal and was on highway and I realized that I am on wrong bus. I started crying and the bus driver started shouting at me for being so stupid but then he calmed down and made a U turn towards the terminal. As soon as I got down from the bus I saw my grandparents standing there and my grandmother crying like crazy. It was really a horrific experience but now when I look back I laugh like anything.

    1. shon1121 profile image72
      shon1121posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      That would have been a scary moment, no wonder it stuck in your mind!

  13. uchrisbrown profile image60
    uchrisbrownposted 5 years ago

    Funny incident in my childhood was, when my brother accidently shaved one of his eyebrows off. So he had to do the other side as well. Very funny.

    1. bluesradio profile image61
      bluesradioposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      My nephews were part of a funny incident where they painted their second cousin, my cousin's husband, with fingernail and I believe toe nail polish when he feel asleep...

  14. katrinajole profile image60
    katrinajoleposted 5 years ago

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  15. shon1121 profile image72
    shon1121posted 5 years ago

    Oh dear, there are way too many!  I seem to be replaying my childhoodaughter memories a fair amount recently.

    A bit of a background, very naive and sheltered child who was awfully clumsy- an amusing combo in itself.

    I will say two as they both involve my mum, parents do have a touching habit to embarrass their children no matter what the respective ages are!! 

    Had a Virgin mobile phone at about 14, first time I topped it up I shyly asked "can I have a top up card for a virgin' everyone within earshot peed themselves with laughter and I went scarlet!  Mum brings that one out a-lot!

    Another, cousin borrowed my sleeping bag for his camping trip at school called The Duke of Edinburgh.  He returned it....all fine...all well.  But, mum!  She said that he and his friends found a pair of my knickers and made them into a flag with a stick.  Flaming woman never told me it was not true til six years later.  That was some awkwardness when passing cousin in the school corridor!

  16. JL Citinta profile image61
    JL Citintaposted 5 years ago

    I remember the first time I joined singing contest in our school.

  17. profile image48
    Varpriposted 5 years ago

    Hello, I think we make the best memories in our childhood time. Childhood is that stage of our life when we can do what we want. We are just free like an air in our childhood. I also remember many funny incidents of my childhood. When I was a child, I used to be very naughty. One boy always sits in front of me because we were told to sit roll number wise. He was very handsome. When he was studying seriously in the class, I wrote “I am mad” on his shirt’s backside without letting him know what I did. When his friends saw his backside they started making fun of him. They started calling him mad. We enjoyed a lot and laughed at him daily. This was our daily routine. At the last, I confessed him I wrote that and I am so sorry for my behavior. He said, “Why you are saying sorry now. Now, what’s the use of your sorry?” I felt very guilty of my behavior. But, that was the funniest incident of my childhood.

  18. BethFairweather profile image71
    BethFairweatherposted 5 years ago

    Well I was kind of a little brat so it's hard to pick just one!  I remember really struggling to be a good little girl but somehow never quite managing it.  I was always in trouble about something.  I remember once when I was around six or seven years old.  We had this huge garden that took up one whole side of our yard.  I always helped my dad plant it, it was our "thing".  As a kid I had a hard time waiting for the vegetables to sprout up, I always wanted to pull the carrots and onions up before they were ready.  There was this one huge carrot with a fluffy green top that I kept eyeing.  I wanted to pull that thing so badly!  But I also wanted to be "good" so I fought with my conscience for about two days before finally giving in to temptation.  I waited until my parents were inside and then I crept out to the garden and gave that sucker a good yank!  A big beautiful, bright orange carrot popped out, it was gorgeous!  But my satisfaction quickly turned to shame.  I had been "bad" again.  Bravely, I told myself that the best thing to do was to go immediately to my parents and "confess" my sin.  I solemnly walked into the house and standing with that carrot dripping dirt behind my back I told my parents what I'd done, and that I knew it was wrong and I was ready for my punishment.  I have to say I felt quite noble and very saint like at that moment.  Until my parents both started laughing at me!  I got so angry, here I was trying to be a good little girl and they thought it was funny!  After that I kind of gave up and embraced by naughtiness.  smile

  19. bhattuc profile image83
    bhattucposted 5 years ago

    We were in school in class VII and just before the bell rang for classes to commence after break we entered our classroom and interchanged the bags of our class fellows.
    What happened after that is a story we never forget. There was a big confusion and cuous and practically a stampede when everyone trying to find out where their bags are.It was a big fun but somehow we were caught and were taken to the principal room and got a lot of bangings.

    1. bluesradio profile image61
      bluesradioposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Here at Christ Central some kids were talking about painting their cat a different color...I'm sure the cat just wanted to be left alone...

  20. escole61 profile image60
    escole61posted 5 years ago

    Ooh, there are loads. lol

    When I was a little boy I wanted to go to the Bookmaker's betting shop with my Dad. I thought it was so unfair because I wanted to get away from watching the boring horses on Saturday TV Grandstand with my Nan and Grandfather. I thought it was wrong not to allow little boys into the betting shop. After all, at school, we were always saying, "want a bet on it?" It was common among us arguing little schoolboys.

    My Nan and Grandfather started to laugh as I tried to explain how the horses on TV were rather boring and I would be far more useful at the betting shop armed with my quick wit and, "want a bet on it?" catchphrase. I wanted to sit around tables and talk about things. And when one person said such a talked about thing was not so, I could say, "Want a bet on it?" This is how I thought betting shops worked.

    I can remember my Nan and Grandfather laughing away and egging me on. I kept telling them that I was always saying 'want a bet on it.' at school. I was good at it. They kept on telling me that they believed me. I just could not fathom out why, as my Dad's parents, they did not order him to take me.

  21. Ginny Stone profile image69
    Ginny Stoneposted 5 years ago

    I must have been around 9 years old at the time and decided to put a plug on a bedside lamp which I had found in a cupboard. I happily unscrewed the plug with a knife, put both the positive and the negative wires into the same slot, closed it up again and plugged it into the wall socket. It blew the electricity in the whole house.

  22. profile image51
    skyfallingyetposted 5 years ago

    Whole family trapped in VW Bug in driveway with a rowboat upside down over roof of car for hours.

    The plan was to take the boat to a irrigation pond and see if we could paddle the boat around the pond. My dad put old lumber on the roof of the small car, then put the boat on it as we squeezed into the car. He instructed us to all reach out the window and hold the boat and help tie the boat down. When we started up the vehicle and put it into gear, the boat shifted and had us trapped in the car. We were there for hours. Rocking the car, screaming.

    Then it happened....  I told a pollock joke. My dads nostrils flared, his eyes got huge, and he GLARED! The boat fit so tight over the car there wasn't enough room to put even a finger out to lift it up.  It was my 3 year old brother that rescued us. He was able to get his hand out the window and push on the boat.

  23. Miral Samson profile image55
    Miral Samsonposted 5 years ago

    אני זוכרת שהיינו קטנים סבא שלי היה לוקח אותנו לראות אך בונים בית מהיסוד עד לסיום הבית ...כל שלב ושלב היינו יודעים ורוצים לראות עוד ועוד...
    כל שבת זה היה קורה...חסר מאוד היום למרות שאני בת ת34 ואמא ל4 ילדים

  24. kamalsaini002 profile image61
    kamalsaini002posted 5 years ago

    yes,i had may memories but the funniest one is when me and my friend was sitting in our class room and he was beated by a bully cause of me. I had made fun of bully but he thought that the guy was my friend. HE was getting beated and I was just laughing standing aside.LOLzzzzzzz

  25. Jasmine Freya profile image60
    Jasmine Freyaposted 5 years ago

    As I was learning to ride, I remembered that I always did not work and I started to get annoyed, and when there was a dog chasing me, I rode on my bike and finally I could drive my bike well, my dad laughed at me, and finally I fell into a ditch.

  26. cmw0405 profile image57
    cmw0405posted 5 years ago

    Well when I look back on it now, I'm like "what the heck were you thinking?"  lol

    Growing up, there was this steep hill that we would use for sled riding in the winter time.

    I was such a tomboy growing up, if the boys could do things like climb trees and so forth, I could do it too.

    Well, one summer day, we had the crazy idea to get into a shopping cart and ride it down the hill.

    That's all fine and good until.....  I hit the hole that we forgot about in the middle of the hill!!

    I went flying....  luckily I landed on earth, but no injuries...

    That was fun!!!

  27. Sheeri Malik profile image60
    Sheeri Malikposted 4 years ago

    one day i was standing on a wall, with my cousin just to collect some flowers, she gave me a push and i held her hand and we both fell down.

  28. Yumna Siddique profile image61
    Yumna Siddiqueposted 4 years ago

    In my childhood I was too naughty when i play with my friends I usually ended my game with a fight One day when i was about 9 years old i was having a serious fight with my friends i come to my home and told my siblings about my fight. then we all planned to take revenge with them on the next day when our parents would not at home. we arrange a party at my home and i call my all that fiends to whom i fought. when they came i call my siblings, closed room door and we all siblings started beating them.
    that was a great fun.

  29. weddingfavorite profile image61
    weddingfavoriteposted 3 years ago

    I was nine-years old when I decided to cook for the first time. I baked cornbread in an iron skillet and boiled chicken in an iron pot. I tried to lift the heavy pot off the eye and the bottom bumped the skillet of bread just out of the oven. The chicken broth spilled into the hot skillet of bread and began bubbling because of the hot iron. I was disappointed as I looked at the soggy bread. I tasted it and “Voila!” Cornbread dressing! I was so proud.
    thoughtwoman says

    The funniest thing I remember is something that struck the fear of God in me. I was afraid of puddles! I saw the sky’s reflection in puddles and the tops of trees, and I really thought I was going to fall in the sky if I stepped in the puddle. They would take my breath away and make me dizzy. This might explain my fear of heights now. And I can’t even imagine what a rainy day must have been like for me!
    Ann Leung (kittyjj) says

    My father’s skin color was very light which made the hair on his toes stand out. During summer, my father would nap in the living room with his bare feet. I would sneak up and pick his hair on his big toes. At first he thought it was mosquito attacking him and tried to fan it off. But then after awhile he found out it was me (I was about 5 at that time), he put on his socks.

  30. AllanJones5683 profile image44
    AllanJones5683posted 2 years ago

    when i was in my 6th grade I am not allowed to watch TV by my aunt, but I want to watch my favorite anime, its 7 pm I hid in the empty room where the tv is i didn't switch on the light so that it will not be obvious that there someone in the room. at the middle of the movie, i heard someone is approaching i immediately turned off the tv, my aunt open the door and she saw the wire plugged in. so that's it she scold me. but everytime i remembered it i am still smiling. silly me.


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