Describe a vivid childhood memory. How did it helped shape the person you are no

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  1. vespawoolf profile image92
    vespawoolfposted 11 years ago

    Describe a vivid childhood memory. How did it helped shape the person you are now?

  2. meow48 profile image70
    meow48posted 11 years ago

    my grandfather fell ill and came to live at our house.  I got to know this old guy who was once a blacksmith, who served in WWI, and then i came home from school one day and he was gone.  My mom told me he passed.  We went thru the funeral, and such, being six at the time, it was very confusing.  Especially from the behavior of my mother's siblings who basically got to the bank first and took everything.  It left a bitter taste in my mom's mouth for years because all she had of my grandfather was a few pictures.  It taught me that this life was finite.  That it is how one treats people that will be remembered... not what they do.

  3. Shanna11 profile image77
    Shanna11posted 11 years ago

    When I was in second grade, I was this quiet, sweet tempered, obedient little girl. I was a favorite of my teacher's for my writing skill and desire to learn. One day we were split into pairs and assigned a station (a small project) to work on for fifteen minutes before we were told to rotate to another station. I was working with a particularly bossy, strong-willed little girl. After five minutes, she was bored with our station and wanted to move to the next before we were given permission. I protested weakly for a moment, but ended up following her so I wouldn't be left behind.

    Our teacher quickly discovered what had happened and since we had broken her rules, we were told to "pull our cards" which was just a card system to keep track of how many times you'd gotten in trouble during the day. I had never pulled my card, and as I did so, the entire class watched silently and I couldn't help it- a couple large tears rolled down my cheeks.

    I distinctly remember my teacher approaching me, placing a gentle hand on my head and saying these exact words: "Sweetie, I don't like to punish you, but you need to learn something here. Don't ever follow another person if you know what they're doing is wrong. Be independent. Be a leader and always do what you know is right."

    It left a distinct impression on me, and I learned exactly what she wanted me to learn, and it has shaped the independent person I am today. I am very grateful for what she taught me.

    1. Rochelle Frank profile image92
      Rochelle Frankposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      What a great teacher!

  4. FreezeFrame34 profile image77
    FreezeFrame34posted 11 years ago

    My most vivid memory definitely shaped me into the person I am today- I am the survivor of a terrible bicycle accident. read more

  5. Ciel Clark profile image76
    Ciel Clarkposted 11 years ago

    I remember walking home one day, hot and dusty and tired.  We lived way out in the mountains and didn't have a telephone or television, (or electricity or running water!), but I loved the idea of both.  I remember thinking on this walk, (I was maybe about eight years old), how cool it would be if you could see the person you were talking to on the phone.

    Part of who I am now is someone who is so happy to be living in these interesting times.

  6. breathing profile image52
    breathingposted 7 years ago

    My experience is a little bit different from those of others. I was directly influenced by one of my school teachers. He was a genuine situation handler. He could deal with any kind of difficult situation and keep his cool. The incident I’m going to mention is a great highlighting of his skills. 

    Once we were going to a picnic with almost 100 students along with our teacher. In the middle of the journey, the bus was attacked by some hijackers and they demanded a certain amount of money in order to free us. The only elder person was our teacher in the team. He was the one who was told to deal the whole situation and bring the money to the hijackers. Anyone could have done a silly thing in such a situation. But our teacher was different from others. He handled the situation with excellence. He convinced the hijackers that he was bringing money for them and on the other hand he was trying to contact with the police. Eventually was successful in his attempts and police rescued us all. None of us were harmed in anyway.

    That incident had a long term influence on me. I still try to become cool no matter whatever the situation is.


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