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hi, um, my friend starqueen13 introduced me to this site and now i am slowly becoming acquainted with it. my techno skills are lacking somewhat... hee hee. i am a granny, but i have always loved to write. believe me when i say i have no delusions of grandeur about this. when folks decide to read my stuff, it makes me feel happy and humbled. if what i write will make a smile appear on the reader's face or a new thought provoked, i feel there is purpose to this hobby of mine. take care and thanks for listening.

i want to welcome my daughter, zeyliah, for being brave enough to come and write on this site. Kudos, kiddo. I am your biggest fan. see ya in a bit, mom.

okay... i have kinda discovered something. People here seem to follow others like a gunslinger who puts notches on their belt for the number of kills they have gotten. To follow someone without leaving a comment to their hubs or a fanmail is like going on a date and ending at the hotel in the beginning. so, if you decide to follow me, at least tell me why? even if the reason is so you can get more followers for yourself. it leaves me feeling like i have been played... so to speak.. i mean ... i am just saying, okay?

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