How do you prevent your child from becoming a bully?

  1. jpcmc profile image88
    jpcmcposted 6 years ago

    How do you prevent your child from becoming a bully?

    Parents protect their children from bullies at school.  But how do parents protect their children from becoming bullies themselves?

  2. Lisa HW profile image73
    Lisa HWposted 6 years ago

    I've done research for articles about bullies, and it's now known that (contrary to the popular notion that they're insecure, frightened, kids "on the inside") bullies tend to be narcissistic and to be kids who have either experienced or witnessed violence in the home.  Of course, not all bullying involves physical violence.  There's such a thing a verbal bullying too.   Bullies don't respect other kids (obviously), and kids learn to respect others by being respected themselves (and seeing respect "in action" when parents treat them with respect).

    So, my answer to this question would be 1) don't bully your children at home (and don't let siblings bully them either), 2) treat them with respect (it's possible to tell kids right from wrong, and to impose consequences for negative behavior, without treating them without respect), and 3) if they act as if they don't respect someone else, or act as if they think only their own feelings matter, point out to them why that behavior is inappropriate and tell them what appropriate behavior would be.

  3. ThussaysNanaMarie profile image74
    ThussaysNanaMarieposted 5 years ago

    Explain how victims of bullies feel. Show where a bully could end up eg jail. Put their shoes on the other foot.