Annoyance with parents-from a teenager's shoes

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    LailaKposted 5 years ago

    Annoyance with parents-from a teenager's shoes

    I have heard that some teenagers are constantly embarrassed and annoyed with their parents, and I think that I am starting to have those sensations toward my parents. I am really trying to keep control over my actions and behavior, but I feel that I am going to burst sometimes. What is it? Is it hormone fluctuations? My ideologies about life? Can you please give me advice. Did you feel that your parents were annoying when you were a teenager? Is it normal for me to have those sensations?

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    MsDoraposted 5 years ago

    It's normal.  You feel capable to decide for yourself, but they are afraid that they haven't taught you everything you need to know, so they're not ready to cut the cord.  They mean well, and later you may even understand what the fuss was all about.   

    Suggestion:  Ask to have a family conversation.  Explain what's bothering you, and what changes you would like to see.   Give them a chance to explain why they appear to annoy you.  It the conversation helps, ask to have regular (maybe, weekly) family meetings where you and your parents blow off steam and cool down.  Agree not to voice any disagreements outside those meetings.  That way, you'll only be bothered once a week, but I bet you'll also learn something, and believe me, these meeting will make good memories after a while.

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    pstraubie48posted 5 years ago

    It is totally normal to feel the feelings you have. I can recall one particular time when I was really annoyed with my parents whom I loved and still love (even though they are no longer living). I know there were other times as well but one sticks out.
    It is a combination of factors really that cause these feelings. First of all, if you are embarrassed by something your parents do  know that whatever they have done or said was not done to embarrass you.  They resist the idea of you getting older which is also quite normal so try to keep up as young as they can for as long as possible.
    They also want to be sure to prepare you for whatever comes your way.They want you to know how to problem solve and make sound choices. When you are grown you will toatlly understand this 'annoying embarrassing' behavior.
    Talk to them. Rather than getting angry and storming meetings are a great way for  each of you to share and express your feelings.
    Calmly explain what's bugging you and then your parents will know. Sometimes young people assume their parents know the source of the problem. If you can share it, then there is no cofusion. Hope this helps.