Do you think this guy likes me?

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    kiolopoposted 5 years ago

    Do you think this guy likes me?

    he ask me whether I have boyfriend anot..he oso ask me when is my birthday,wat music n movies I like..but one thing is I find tat he love flirting with other girls n ask them whether they have boyfriend or not..he love to staring at girls oso..his cousin tell me tat he love asking girl whether they hv boyfriend ornot...he seems quite around me while talkative n outgoing with other girls..he talk watever on his mind..when he is with me he seems nothing much to saywhenever I come to skul he will say hi n try to approach me doyou think he likes me or he is a curious guy who try hunting for girls?

  2. Free2writ3 profile image60
    Free2writ3posted 5 years ago

    Truth is he might like you or or he could just be a shy guy. You say he says hi to you. That is a good sign but not definite. Try asking him if you're comfortable. Good luck.