how to meet nice single men

  1. mommyof6 profile image61
    mommyof6posted 8 years ago

    how to meet nice single men nowdays is a challenge. they appear nice at first, even on the occassional chat. but then look out ladies, here comes the nude pics, or trade crap or etc, etc, etc.  if they do this, and don't have the least bit of interest in chatting just with you, lose them. they are no good. but maybe for one thing, and thats too fast. lol. go for a man that if you are chatting, has an interest in just chatting with you.
    look out for too much info being giving. don't be too personal too fast, i myself have learned that the hard way. play a little hard to get. if there really interested in you, they will keep emailing you for more to know about you and not just an occassional cyber or pic flick show.
    and if your already taken, keep it in mind anyways. make sure that someone in your life right now keeps it real and not just fairytale.  let them know theres plenty of time for sex later, take the time right now to know one another, talk, have fun, get to know what one likes and dislikes.  sex is too overrated, and is not the foundation to any kind of relationship. its just the intimate pleasurable part of the man and woman connection. but be careful, some give in and never get a call or chat back, and then you can have feelings of being used, hurt or not just that interesting.  so be careful ladies and guys.

    For now tho, have a fulfilling thanksgiving..................

  2. Black Lilly profile image61
    Black Lillyposted 8 years ago

    interesting logic...

    What works for me - I just do what I want to do, enjoy it and don't care what they think.
    Nice and simple.