What is acts of inhumanity against children?

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    Dame Scribeposted 4 years ago

    What is acts of inhumanity against children?

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    Benjamin Chegeposted 4 years ago

    The most common acts of inhumanity against children are: child trafficking and slavery, torture and cruelty against minors, and sexual offenses against children, including child prostitution, defiling and rape.

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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago


    Acts of inhumanity against children are varied. Abuse whether it's emotional, mental, physical, psychological,or psychic towards children oftentimes causes irreparable scars on them.Many children become defeated quite early in life because of such parental abuse,never living up to their full human potential.

    Having children before one is financially, emotionally, and psychologically ready to give them the prerequisite attention and teaching they need to thrive in this world. Raising children effectively involves more than physically having them. Children need to grow up in an environment where myriad cultural & educational opportunities are provided.

    Children also need to grow up in an environment where there is a reasonable, comfortable standard of living beyond basic socioeconomic struggle.Studies show that socioeconomic poverty have a detrimental effect upon children emotionally,mentally,physically,& psychologically.However, many parents fail to consider these factors before they have children; they just unthinkingly have children with the negative aftereffects of their careless actions.

    Having more children than one can adequately support,educate,& give attention to.Psychological & sociological studies prove that there are higher incidences of poverty in large families than in small families. In large families, monies are often tight, even for the bare necessities.

    Children in large families often MUST do WITHOUT,even the necessities such as food and clothing.They consume inferior qualities of food as they cannot afford better quality of food. Meat & fish are rarities in large family households.  Many large families have to depend upon outside aid in order to stay socioeconomically afloat.

    Medical and health care is a dream for many children of large families. In addition to poverty, parental neglect and child abuse is greater in large families.Older children in large families are cast aside,fending for themselves or being pressed to raise younger siblings.

    The phenomena of the parentified child is commonplace in the large family environment.Many older children have no normative childhood/adolescence as they MUST raise younger siblings. It is oftentimes the younger/youngest children who receive most of the parental care. Older children in large families often have to discontinue their education to support their families,thus being consigned to lifetime poverty.