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states need to rethink their foster care reform and systems

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    carolblalockposted 8 years ago

    states need to rethink their foster care systems and rules. with this new health care bill being past, it's just another stumbling block for foster care kids. they alredy have to be solely responsible for themselves at eightteen weather or not they have graduated high school or not. there ought to be a phase two to this system. for kids that need to finish school and get a job, so they are just not put out on the streets. the kids that have been blessed enough to have foster parents that cared about them and tought them how to take care of themselves on their own don't have a problem. but those that didn't are going to be lost. maybe they should come up with something like a group home setting for those kids at turn 18 but not ready for the outside world. and now with this new health care bill these kids are going to be lost. they (the state) really needs to do something to help these kids out. all that going to happen if that don't, is these kids are going to wind up in jail or prey for preditors. instead of building more jails. Let help out the foster care system so all not just some kids and lead successful lives.

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      Foster The Futureposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I dont know about other states, but Virginia, where I live and have been a foster mom to teen boys, lets them stay in care until 21, as long as they are taking a course, in college, online or voc school.

      They even pay for college.

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    kirstenblogposted 8 years ago

    I got lucky with my foster home, was a great home even if just for 2 years. I did get to stay until I graduated from HS. I also got to move into an independent living home when I left foster care that helped a bit. I still ended up homeless at one point cause my depression and BPD was more then a independent living place could handle. I wound up in a state institution for self harm and all that crap. I left that institution with no home hmm I think I got really lucky because I had friends and their families that cared enough to want to help me out while I got into a program that could help address the depression and BPD. Thanks to these friends and their families I got through that difficult time and am doing ok these days smile

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    pylos26posted 8 years ago

    Carol...you are filled with good thoughts and decency...I hope you ideas and concerns reach the ears of the right people. I have noticed that you are new to hubpages...I'm sure you will be appreciated and welcomed.