Can we make a list with top 10 advice for new parents with twins?

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    Babytechposted 3 years ago

    Can we make a list with top 10 advice for new parents with twins?

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    Samanthaflores87posted 3 years ago

    Hello I have twin girls turning 7 in march and the best advice I can give is to always have patience with them. 

    My twins would always be on seperate schedules, specially in the beginning. One would sleep and the other would be awake, they would switch this schedule all the time during the first six months. Luckily I had my parents and brother to help of else I would have been a mess. pateince and it'll all get better.

    Second advice specially when you have identical twins is to always find that little thing that makes them unique, whether it is a birth mark or freckles. This has helped me identify my twins quite well, especially when the grandparents find it funny to dress them alike.

    Third is always pack for four. The bag may be heavier but its better to have way more then to have less of something. When it comes to two babies enough is never enough.

    Fourth have fun with them. How many times in a persons life can they create something so beautiful twice. Remember every detail, they grow way to fast to forget the small things.

    And the last always be ready for the question of the day, "Are they twins?", if I had a dollar for every time I got asked that I would be a millionaire.

    On a seperate more informative note remember twins will always use the other twin as bait. You never know what those tricky little ones will get into next. And believe me they can come up with some pretty good plots too. 

    Have fun with your twins.