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Is it right to punish a child at school for liking his classmates.

  1. chuckandus6 profile image77
    chuckandus6posted 2 years ago

    Is it right to punish a child at school for liking his classmates.

    Do you think that its right.for a 9 year old to get detention for saying he liked a girl?  just said liked her not anything else.how ridiculous is this when I called his teacher and asked her why he was getting in trouble.That nothing he said was innapropriate. she said if he said it to a boy it would be different. I think that it is unfair.

  2. LoisRyan13903 profile image81
    LoisRyan13903posted 2 years ago

    It is like the time when a little boy kissed a girl on her hand and he got in trouble.  I would talk to the principle.  One time my daughter got lunch detention because she called this girl the B word.  She was in 4th grade.  She told me when this happened and I wasn't mad because this girl was a bully and constantly called her worse names.  Her teacher wasn't the one who gave her detention and she was mad because she knew how the other girl was.

    1. chuckandus6 profile image77
      chuckandus6posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      i was thinking principal too i am calling in the morning
      also on top of detention he has to write and apology and i still dont get why is he apologizing for saying something nice. It is such a crazy world sometimes.

  3. peachpurple profile image81
    peachpurpleposted 2 years ago

    i agree, my son said "I LOVE HER" now, what what that? He is only 8 years old!
    Teaacher shouldn't punish kids. Appropriate teaching should be correct

  4. lyoness913 profile image86
    lyoness913posted 2 years ago

    That's so ridiculous.  Jeeze, would the teacher have rather the child say 'I hate the girl!'  He probably would have been in less trouble if that were the case.



  5. Aime F profile image84
    Aime Fposted 2 years ago

    That's ridiculous and I would definitely be taking it to the principal while reminding my child that they didn't do anything wrong and that they shouldn't be afraid to express themselves.