Should children agree if ur parent remarried?

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    peter565posted 2 years ago

    Should children agree if ur parent remarried?

    If ur father or mother get remarried, this person would be ur stepfather/mother. So, I think it is only fair, that u have a say, whether u want this person to be ur stepfather/mother, so the law should only legalized such marriage, if the children agree

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    Srikanth R Desaiposted 2 years ago

    Many people who have been divorced end up getting remarried. remarriage is subjected to several legal issues which depends on state laws, remarriage can affect the following:
    1. Spousal support will usually end when the partner receiving the support remarries.
    2.Remarriage can affect court orders for child support, custody, and visitation. If the custodial parent gets remarried, the child support may be greatly reduced or even terminated.
    3. Remarriage can change the way that property is distributed in a will or trust. Remarriage may even affect the children’s ability to inherit.
    Impact of remarriage on children are as follows:
    1.Child may suffer from anxiety, depression , somatic complaints which results in negative effects such a oppositional, conduct and anti-social behaviour problems.
    2.Child may show lack of interest in academics and performance difficulties.
    3. Child may exhibit loneliness and finds difficulty in getting adjusted to new stepfather or stepmother.

    ultimately child is a sufferer, remarriage should be accepted based on the consent of child.