Is your life uncensored?

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    Uncensoredmomposted 17 months ago

    Is your life uncensored?

    Being a stay at home mom is a struggle, my days are longer, nights are shorter! My mouth has no filter. I notice myself making faces trying to feed my kid. I thought this was suspoed to be a breeze! Here I am again kissing toys, petting stuffed animals, taste testing already been chewed food to make sure its not hot still. What is a bathroom? Its a sane place to shit right? Somewhere I no longer can escape too. At the end of the day parenting is beautiful, but my life is offically uncensored!

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    karelouposted 17 months ago

    I live an uncensored life, unhindered by fear of my own truth, often expressing myself utilizing my great fondness for profanity and illicit activities with always an entertaining eloquence.....
          I love my lifestyle, however it is rated "r" and no place for children, whatsoever.