To what extend can you let someone control your life ?

  1. Sadia Mushtaq profile image60
    Sadia Mushtaqposted 4 months ago

    To what extend can you let someone control your life ?

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    marishka26posted 4 months ago

    Hello there!! You really didn't say how that someone is "Controlling Your Life".
    However, you were able to stand on your own prior to, so who say's you can't do this anymore. You yourself are in Control Of Yourself, let nobody control you, in
    or by "No Means". If someone is controlling your life now, at such an earl period, I
    am assuming, then that Controlling will only get WORSE as time goes on. I'm sorry but if he is controlling you now "he is a Control Freak". Obviously he has issue's or he wouldn't be doing this. I would say, both of you need to see a Counsellor on "Control". Please let your partner know I am not picking, but there is a deep rooted feeling as to why he wants to control. Did something happen in his childhood? Only you or a Counsellor can figure this out!!  There is always a small amount of control on both your parts but.......not on a condition that you have to do this???? Tell him/her that if this is the way it is going to be then I am GONE!  Nobody has a right to Control you, only you Control you.  If this person wants to Control now, then there is a TRUST ISSUE!! If you have given no reason to trust you then :NO" like I said, it is time to leave. That is if this person will let you without having the authorities at your door unfortunately!!  I wish you much Luck and please "Look After Yourself" Don't worry about what people think, at some point they will get it!!  It is none of their business anyways, only those that you are going to move in with, hopefully your parents!!

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    dashingscorpioposted 4 months ago

    It's the primary reason why as a child I couldn't wait to be grown. Freedom is doing whatever you want when you want.
    No one ever had the type of control over me my mother had. Thankfully childhood is a tempoary passing phase. smile
    I prefer to "take the wheel" over being a {passenger} in life.