Foster home??

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    D305posted 5 months ago

    Foster home??

    I have 2 kids,a 3years old and 2years old.Both of them are in temporary foster home/foster parents. I have case plan with Wesley House for few months, I will get the kids back but I have to pass the case plan. I visit my kids every week for 2hours the kids are very happy to see me they don't want to let me go. From the last 3month every time I visit my kids I see bruises on there face ,legs,hands.My 3year old always have same clothes same shoes her ears are dirty and her hair are messy. My heart is broken I don't know what to do, I try to tell Wesley House or my attorney but no me.

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    Wesman Todd Shawposted 5 months ago

    You should contact the police. If your children have bruises which look like abuse to you, call the damned police immediately.