drugs among us

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  1. profile image48
    chrissy86posted 10 years ago

    i'm very concerned with the drug use in america . It has hit our teens and everyone else it seems . Now its just not the illegal drugs but now you take pain pills to only find that now your addicted. I was having problems with my legs and hips hurting -went to several doctors because one didn't know what it was and they would give me pills and send me somewhere else.well i have quite a few pain pills at home that i won't take because i don't want to get addicted . I had to refuse a perscription and ask for a low dose pill that was less likely to be addicting .  But for some its too late. And then there is the meth that is robbing people of a normal life   They will be violent and become theives and liars to get this drug or make it so they can afford their habit.  Their kids are being neglected and they even share it with the kids too. oh i could go on and on but gonna stop here so you all can add more. thanks  and hope to here from you all  chrissy

  2. profile image47
    dkuttposted 10 years ago

    I agree there is great concern Chrissy. You mention both illegal and legal drug sources and while our government declares war on illegal drugs the legal ones have me even greater concerned.

    Our own trusted medical paradigm promotes a "fix you when your broke" mentality as opposed to a wellness focus. Unfortunately, as you can tell from the myriad of symptom relief drugs with their long list of serious side effects, wellness is rarely the goal of today's medicine. 

    When will concern for the suffering focus on our deadly processed food supply and unhealthy food preparation techniques, toxic substances we eat and put on our bodies, and when will research dollars be spent on our health?  I'm afraid its bad for business if we're healthy and happy.  Unfortunately, the god most worship is the almighty $.

    As we search for the healthy lifestyle, hooligans abound and we find many ways to spend our money for questionably benefits. Opinions are plentiful and people don't know what to believe. Its a sad situation.  I believe there are definite clues as to real health but one must educate himself or herself to find them.

  3. profile image48
    chrissy86posted 10 years ago

    thanks for responding!
    i stopped at a local bar and ordered a glass of beer. Well there happened to be a guy i went to school with sitting across from me , and his 16 yr old son too, well i could tell they both were doing some meth by the way they chewed their faces nearly off. One girl asked the 16 yr old if he was high on something and he said that was his 2nd time and yesterday was his very first time   how sad and with his dad who gave it to him. his dad should be in jail for that but what do you do??? I hope he smartens up and stops before he can't stop.I think he'll end up in jail from stealing or from manufactureing it   what a waste this is and makes my heart cry!

  4. OnTheRoadAgain profile image61
    OnTheRoadAgainposted 10 years ago

    You should check out the show Intervention on A&E if you haven't already.

    1. profile image0
      Zarm Nefilinposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      My opinion is make pot legal, ban meth, and enforce stricter rules on all psychotropic anti psychotics/anti depressants. 

      Promote wellness through psychotherapy and not a "pill" mentality, make cocaine legal and regulate it but put good science out there so no one uses it even though it is legal. 

      We need more community in america, there are some prescription drugs that while not causing addiction can seriously disable people (anti-psychotic/anti-depressants) and others that could have good uses in medicine like marijuana that really need to be legalized.

      For crying out loud one of the most disgusting societal mechanisms ever invented was the strategy called planned obsolescence.  It is aggravating to see in technology and it is in my opinion completely immoral when it is implemented in medicine.  I just do not understand why people WILL NOT choose to see they are being duped over and over again by the pharmaceutical companies.

      I mean hell, I am not advocating something ridiculous like homeopathy (which is bogus), I am just saying Americans need more education and there needs to be more common sense in the proliferation of drugs (legal and illegal).


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