in the middle

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    Lecieposted 8 years ago

    my father and younger sister live together and are having a big family cook out tomorrow. they invited the whole family. my younger sister just called to tell me to expect trouble tomorrow. she believes that our 2 older sisters are going to be disrespectful and bring their boyfriends. she says that if they show up with them, she will make them leave. which means that my 2 older sisters, that we hardly ever see, will probably leave with them. to make a point i said well what if codie(are third older sister)comes down for the cookout? you know that she will have her boyfriend with her. are you going to make them turn around for their 2 hour drive home? she said no. so i said well then it's not fair to let her boyfriend stay and not the others. she is now angry with me. she says that i'm always arguing with her.
    i say she shouldn't call putting me in the middle of it anyway. do you think what i said was correct or should i have just listen to her rant about why she hates the boyfriends? should i even go knowing that there's going to be trouble? i don't want to disappoint my dad though. he's been looking forward to seeing everyone now that he's off of the walker and on a cane. (from his hip replacement)
    please give me some advice. i feel so torn.

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    PackSecureposted 8 years ago

    I am sorry to hear that your are in the middle of this.  I would suggest trying to stay out of it, if it causes you stress.  Possibly talk to your father.

    As I do not know you personally, it is really hard to try to give advice.

    Good Luck.

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    Lecieposted 8 years ago

    thanks, for the advice. i try to stay out of it but then i always get phone calls like this. it seems like someone is always angry with me. like i always say if they don't want my opinion they shouldn't call me, especially when they are already angry about something.