what's moral, anymore?

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    loverlongposted 9 years ago

    So there's this guy. He's a friend, and a little bit more than that. For those who watch Sex and the City I can safely refer to him as my "Mr.Big". Once upon a time we were best friends, these days we kind of are again, but for about two years of my life he was the main focus. Every six months he would piss me off enough for me to decide that I didn't want to speak to him ever again. These freeze-out would last anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months. Until he did something that would absolutely charm me again and he'd be back in. For nearly a year and a half this would mean he'd charm his way back into my bed. But for the past year things have been different. We've made our way back to our old state of friendship and our lives have gone in very different paths.
    He recently acquired a serious girlfriend, his first since he and I were ACTUALLY a couple two and a half years ago. And I was in a relationship for a year and had a baby. But now things are changing and leading us back to each other again. Sort of. The father of my daughter and I separated, on good terms, but nevertheless we aren't together anymore. And well, he and his girlfriend have started hitting the rocks, and he's started turning to me to talk about it. I try to be neutral and give him good advice and I think I have been doing quite a good job with this. But at the same time, in the back of mind all I can think of his how great he and I are together. And how much I don't like his girlfriend for him. And how much I love the amount of talking we've been doing lately and how I want it to continue, maybe some face-to-face talking even. But the thing I feel worst about is that in the back of my mind all I feel is this overwhelming wish that his relationship with her will dissolve and finally pave a way for US. The us that should have been three years ago but never could be because of so many complications. We're different now, and older, and less reckless. And we could be so good together.
    So what do I do? What's moral? Do I sit back and let him have his relationship and just let him be happy? Or do I tell him how I feel, regardless of what the consequences might be?

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    blissnowposted 9 years ago

    If he really liked you he would be with you. I suggest to find someone that really loves you and wants to be with you full time. When I was single, I wrote a list of what I wanted in my next partner. Next I felt what it would be like to be with this woman. To tell you the truth, I usually felt orgasmic doing this. Do this once a day and forget about it. I manifested an amazing sexual woman in 4 weeks doing this. Good luck.