My Life.

  1. rosebud18 profile image52
    rosebud18posted 8 years ago

    hi, iam a 16 year old girl just getting used to the world. The one thing that is on my mind this is year is my Family. I am the only girl out of 3 brothers. 2 are older and 1 is little. i have about 3 step-dad's in my life and 1 mom. now you might not think my life might not be that bad. but there is alot that has happen in the 16 years of me being alive. Everyday i wish things could be better. My grandma past away about 3-4 years ago and she was a 2nd mom to me. the lost of her almost killed me. i keep on holding on to what happen that day when she died.
    I wish i could see her once again, i have dreams that she didnt die and that she is right there with me. My life has been hard, i have this Step-father that i can kinda respect because he went to Iraq, but i cant respect what he did to my mom when i was young. i know that i should let go to what happen then and look in to the future, but i cant. Everyday i feel like my mom hates me. like i dont do things right and that i do everything bad. these are the reasons why i wish my grandma was still with me today because i could hug her and cry on her shoulder and always think everything is going to be ok. now that she is gone all i do is sit around and eat and watch tv. but i want to change that. i want to do my dreams but i still have my mom holding me down from doing anything. My mom and her husband made up this rule that i cant date,drive, or hangout with friends till iam 18. now my mom and her husband dont understand is that i do everthing that they tell me not to do. because, you cant tell a teen to not go hang out with your friends. Now if you know what i mean about parents saying boyfriends are bad or your friends are unnormal and you cant hang out with them. well BS! i think more teens should stand up and say stop let me talk and tell you how i feel. the only why to make teens life better is for them to have speak about there own lives to there mom and dad. STAND UP! Be yourself, Be a Teen! smile

    1. profile image52
      Mygellposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Have you ever talk to your mom about your feelings with their imposed rules? I  believe that  there is a need for both of you   to talk  heart-to-heart , since , as I analyze your story,  seems that you've never been close to your mom compared to your grandma. The very reason why you don't understand each other.
      I understand , being a teen is no joke. Being controlled by  parents in the midst of your desire to enjoy life to the fullest seems to be a threat to your happiness.
      I am also a mom of five, four of whom are teenage girls. We too had an agreement  that  they can entertain suitors but no boyfriends yet. Not until they reach 18. Why  18 ? Because , girls become more mature at this age and  they know how to decide for themselves quite well. They're more oriented and have the capacity to think and do the right thing.
      For now, try to talk to her . I assure she will understand, if not right away, she will realize it somehow and talk to you again. Goodluck !

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