Need help for proper caring of G6pd kids

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    aziram_elpmidposted 7 years ago

    My son is almost 1yr & 6 months old with G6PD,before he turn 1 yr, every month he was always having a fever due to UTI.On his 8 months old he undergone circumscision..Its good for him for the infection did not attack on him again, but i notice that still every month or an interval of 1 week my son get cold/cough..So worried for him coz many antibiotics have been taken ( even co-amoxiclav,etc ) but still a week ater then the colds was here again even he undergone confinement on hospital.He is also an asthmatic kid..So hard for me to handle his condition specially when he has an asthma..Please help me or send me the complete list of food & medicine need to be avoided by G6PD person & need to do..His pedia advised us to administer him a vitamin called ISOZIANID..Is this safe for my son?,please tell me...I saw it on my list that it was safe but with proper doses...It means that on the other side,it is also not safe...Please help me...I am so worried...Please send me as soon as possible..