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    isaemi08posted 6 years ago

    Dear Teen Parents and Teen Parents to be,

    Please, I need your help and cooperation:

    I have a vision of connecting with other teen parents, as myself, and publishing my own book based on others experiences and stories, inspired by the "Chicken Soup For The Soul" series.

    I am a young mom of two, and as much as I know that I am not the only one, I sometimes feel like I am. This vision that I have is with the purpose to motivate, help, inspire, and reach out to those young parents that feel the same, as I do, and are struggling. From the moment that a teen finds out that they are going to be a parent, their lives just made a 180 turn, and adjusting is not so easy.

    Now, I only know what I went through physically, mentally, and emotionally as a woman, and from those teen moms that I've come across in my short years of life. I would like also to hear from the opposite sex. I don't think it compares, but I'm pretty sure that a young male teen that finds out that he will soon be a dad has fears and other emotions that are overwhelming, as well.

    Please, share with us your story, any story, an experience, an emotion, a concern, an advice, or any feelings that you may have as a teen parent to be, or an already teen parent, or just anything you would like to share with others in the same situation. I'm pretty sure that many of us will have similar feelings, which it's a great way to connect. This will be, completely, anonymous. I know this will help others to cope and adjust to the new change.

    Thank you,



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      Cagsilposted 6 years ago

      Welcome to Hubpages! wink

      It's a pleasure to meet you. However, I am wondering if you happen to read the rules to the forums, before you posted this?

      I'm not trying to be mean. You seem to skip the part where you're not allowed to open a thread to promote a hub that you've written.

      If you would like to discuss a topic, then so be it. But, opening a thread with a link asking people to visit is against the rules.

      Do try to enjoy yourself at Hubpages. wink